Lavan Kumar

Hello Jyothi Madam,

I am not into stock market, But Harshad sir strategies and philosophies are great.
I felt very emotional watching last minutes of Harshad sir and he don't deserve it. But for now I hope you are all happy and healthy. Wishing you and your family all the very best for the future.


Mohan Krishnan Iyer

With great regret, I find it relevant to summarize the entire life of late dear Shri Harshad Shantilal Mehta by quoting the entry for that proverb in Martin Manser, The Facts on File Dictionary of Proverbs (2002):- "big fish eat little fish" meaning Small organizations or insignificant people tend to be swallowed up or destroyed by those that are greater and more powerful ... The proverb was first recorded in a text dating from before 1200. In Shakespeare's play Pericles (2:1), the following exchange occurs between two fishermen: "'Master, I marvel how the fishes live in the sea.' 'Why, as men do a-land—the great ones eat up the little ones.'" May his soul rest in eternal peace

Mayank Jain

Thanks you basically I don't know what is money market and all
But I read full paragraph that are written by you
I am big fan  of mr harshad Mehta 
Hame pta bhu nhi h hame kis great person ko khoya h 
And last I pray to you to come back on the market and boom it again
Thanks you

Mayank Jain

I am big fan of mr harshad Mehta I love the way he is make money he is not doing any scam but he is a very intelligent person I want you to come back on the market bse Thanks you

Pranav Jain

The Great Family of Big Bull. 

Arshid Wani

hi mam,hope you are doing well and all will be going good.i have very long list of questions that i want to ask you but im not feeling well to ask you like this if possible mail me your number!?

Subodh K Sharma

The greatest word to describe Harshad is a legend. I just read a few paragraphs of your webpage, but I could sense the sorrow you and your family felt in the wake of Mr. Mehta's tragic passing. There is no denying that he suffered discrimination, which resulted in his death. Keep your cool; everyone is aware of everything today. Even the Mehta surname may be a penalty for your offspring after 30 years, which is a long time. Clarifying the facts is a good idea. Godspeed, and may He send all sinners to Hell. God is real

Kotla Narendra

He is a real Hero medam, he is not fraud, not guilty. One of the power full man..

Uday Kapoor

This side Uday Kapoor from Punjab

I am really in shock to learnt about whole thing what your family had faced..

Here I am having some social groups on Facebook, Instagram and tweeter if you are want to reveal anything through our small group, please tell us

As per I tried to find you people on Facebook and tweeter account..

Uday Kapoor

Joshi Dirgh

I support you madam .. I support Harshad sir also...


Mr. Harshad Mehta was a true patriot and a visionary who tried to uplift the countries economy. He truly believed in the countries potential. The nation should stand with his family for justice. It is deeply saddening that pseudo intellectual, leftist mindset journalists and the political power backing such people can do decades of harm. On the surface level this seems like a loss/deprivation to Mr. Harshad Mehta and his family but it is indeed a collectively strategized move by the leftist/Antinational minds- Mrs. Sucheta Dalal and the congress government to curb the growth of Indian economy.

Mandeep Gupta

Madam I want to know who's "vibhishana". In the wonderful life of Harshad Mehta Ji.

Mohammed Majeed

Ma'am... Harshad Mehta sir is legend... He never died.. may God keep his soul in rest in peace...

Mageram Sharma

I watched all Film & statment He was not wrong He was targeted by others He was geniuses & he didn't do anything wrong with anyone.loss profit are by luck if anyone blam him He is wrong.Today everyone wants to become like Mr Mehta me too. He is My Hero Mangeram Sharma 9823467800

K Suresh Reddy



An equality needs in this India in all sectors including judgements and laws. If government thinks that Shri Harshad Mehta was a criminal then most of politicians and all prime ministers since 1947, i.e. Nehru to Modi should be declared as criminals as they are using loop holes in voting and making money.

Venu Nomula

Real hero Harshad Mehta. Some other people Try to kill him in jail

Ashutosh Sharma

Real Hero.. He was just ahead of his time. Kaash wo aaj hamare bich hote. Real fighter.

Bharmal Mustafa


Pawan Kumar

It was unfortunate that Late Mr. Mehta could not get justice in his life time. No action taken against many players.

Sourav Sharma

Totally understand your loss 
No one can fulfill your loss as well mam Harshad sir was a gem but you know mile sab rehte hai but jab sath dene ki bari aati hai na to sab sath chor deta hai.
My name is Sourav and am from Kolkata if you want any type of help please tell me I will do whatever best I can do for you and your family. 

Kind Regards 

Sourav Sharma 

Nehal Joshi

Please We are Indian And Harshad Mehata is Also India So I need to Request to these websites Owner Please Put All Language So Even All People are Read These Artilca In the Website


हर्षद जी। के साथ बहुत गलत हुआ ये शिकार हुए बेयर का


he was a gem person ........ but his rapid growth was hurting manny people arround. he was a legend ........... if he was alive today indian economy may lead the world . i was born in te same year your son was born ....... i dint saw u ur time ........but feel like i know u from manny years. i have seen almost movie read all the books on you.i am a big fan of yours . indian market will miss u mr harshad mehta ....... god bless you wherever you are ....

Harshad Mehta Fan

Where do you guys live now? And was that scam actually Harshad Mehta scam or Politics and other Banks did that? And how much did Harshad Mehta loved his Lexus LS400? Please reply me I was very curious to know about these things You can also reply me on my private Email id

Aditya Thakur

He is a legend. May god give strength to his family 🙌

Harsh Jeendgar

I read the entire article on the website, before that I had also seen the web series in pieces for many days........ could not stop the much bad is done by abominable system and even more by disgusting people like that "Dalal" with a great person like Harshad and his innocent family. May Harshad's soul rest in peace and may God give strength to you guys. Harshad was, is and will continue to be a hero.

Please try to become happy (I know how difficult it is) so that Harshad can smile after seeing from above the clouds.

Don't know much about your family & Harshad personally but still feeling very attached to you people.

A very big thank to Ashwin.....he is a dear brother. Take love to your son and regards.

Dhanush Kumar

Hello miss,       
I knew you might have gone through a lot. I am from andhra pradesh. Basically timail guy living here . I am just 20 years old and I am really glad that you have finally taken a step to break your silence on your late husband's allegations. more power to you. And Mr. mehta is not between us anymore. But he is watching all of you from the sky. Infact i take him as an inspiration to excel in life not only in stock market but in any field that i want to get started. Mr. mehta has achieved a lot. He will be my forever inspiration. i believe that whatever he had achieved your emotional support too would have played an important role. So again thanks for being a support to him. Now a days it's really rare to find some precious gem like you. most of the girls in this generation would just clean their hands and would leave the guy if he was in trouble. I don't have a brother. I wish i could have one like Mr. ashwin mehta. I always look at Mr. harshad mehta's pic on google whenever i get him remembered and i don't know why i watch his interviews repeatedly and i don't know why even till today. I am not a big guy. I am getting started same as Mr. harshad mehta did when he had nothing. I wish could meet his brother once. If i can meet him please let me know. Just as a guy who had always admired Mr. harshad mehta I want to meet you guys once if you can allow me to. Otherwise no worries. More power to you and to your family. Take care of yourself. Mr mehta was the bachan of BSE and he will be forever. no matter what he is a talented guy and a big inspiration to me. Just keep praying to shirdi sai baba everything will be alright. OM SAI RAM.       
Dhanush Kumar .T 

Ojasw Thakur

Harshad Mehta Sir hero hai sucheta dalal is a very bad person I wish may mrs jyoti harshad mehta with sir during his last moments

Paras Doshi

I read your website. It's touching to see how your family is still struggling. Me & my wife would really like to meet you. Please let us know if it would be possible to meet anytime ?

Ashish Kanodia

Jo log Harshad bhai ko fasane ke baad iss duniya se chale gaye, wo mauj bahar ki zindagi beeta ke gaye. Aur kuch abhi jaa rahe hain. Aur kuch aage bhi jayenge hi. Main sochta hoon wo harshad bhai se wahan upar nazrein kaise milayenge? Maa kasam Harshad bhai chhodna nahi ye log aapko mile to. Ye log sharafat ka chola pehen ke desh ko bohot loot ke gaye hain.

Ashish Kanodia

Hello Jyoti ben,


Many many congratulations to bring out the true story via the website.

Condolences, because today India needs atleast one Harshad Mehta and forever we need one.

Kaash aaj Harshad bhai hote to India kahan ka kahaan pohonch gaya hota.

I respect him lots. He is a true inspiration. Man of Steel, the stainless person in my opinion.

Whenever there is any discussion over share market, i really feel sad for him. Miss him. I was a child at that time. Unfortunately i could see him.

I like investing and trading. And that brings me more close to him. Also, you have shown so much courage to put it open to everyone. I watched Hansal Mehta's movie a 100 times. Liking this character, the Big Bull, and BSE ka Bacchan even more as i watch it everytime. I can keep watching repeatedly atleast a 1000 times more.

His story, your sacrifice is putting light on life lessons. At last i would like to say,

Harshad bhai ek shaheed hain. Unhone desh ke liye apna sab kuch nyochhavar karke sarvocch balidan diya hai. Humare liye aap ek Shaheed ki patni hain. Garv hai aap pe. Aap bhi garv se rahiye.

Harshad Mehta Amar Rahe!

Jai shree krishna


I have read the entire website and found that Harshad was an inspiration to millions and he being painted as criminal is grossly wrong Thanks for making us aware about the entire 1992 thing, people would come to know that Harshad was painted as a criminal by some jealous people like sucheta dalal and debashish I have watched scam 1992 15 times, I have huge respect for Harshad Where do you and Aatur live now? In India? or overseas?

Viresh Kumar

He very nice perosn ... Harshad sir aapke sath galat hua hai.. You are real hero... Aap jaha bhi ho om shanti Aap ek real hero ho meri nzr me

Dheeraj Sharma

Mai bahut bada fan hu harshad ji ka unhone koi galat nai kiye


Love you harshad & all family

Mayur Shah

jai shree krishna Hum sab gujarati ke liye " Harshad mehta" ji hero hain aur rahenge, unke jaisa koi ban nahi sakta, real main origional big bull & Stock market hero is one & only "Harshad mehta"..🙏🏻🙏🏻

Pradeep Bhatia

Harshad Mehta Market had the King. People just didn't see his progress from the people. That's why people falsely accused them by making some excuse or the other.

Aditya Goud

t is really a horrible situation your family is going through from decades.After all the the luxurious life of yours is so small and the remaining is always a strategy.i can only pray to god to pls give you and your family a happy life again by delivering all the justice you need.

Nidhi Malhotra

Thank you Mrs Jyoti Mehta for being courageous enough to come out and speak the truth. We hope more and more people read this and understand how late Mr Harshad Mehta was made a part of big conspiracy.

Siddharth Chadha

The only legend who had left stock market … the only big bull of market is our hero Harshad Ji 🙏🏻 … others expiring at his age is only once who had learned from him … no-hates  for anyone …. But only one Guru who taught everyone in market today … 🙏🏻 Harshad Ji 🙏🏻🙏🏻


hi i m ritesh I work as digital marketing. coming to the point as I see this video and all thing ready what happened in jail Harshad sir is best when I see the series I also 2 time only. read al this thing in this website I feel sad I only pray for the family

Praveen Kumar

Great to hear about legendary Harshad ji. I am one of the great influencer by Harshad ji . You have a brave heart . It's incredible to get out almost 99% of cases. Have a happy and peaceful life. May Harshad ji soul rests in peace.

Ankit Chouhan

Hello I'm ankit Chouhan i read all story of harshad sir I'm biggest fan of harshad sir because he belongs from poor family and be a successful man. I learn lot of things from it. I want to meet Ashwin sir I'm biggest fan ho Harshad Mehta ji

Ratheesh Puthukkudi


Sorry for the loss and  terrible life you went through these year's.
And appreciate the courage you took to fight against the mass.

My name is ratheesh Puthukkudi from Kerala. I thought it's the truth that screened 
when i watched the series scam 1992.But I realised that's not  after i went through your website

Harshad was correct as he said negativity is easy to sale, and suchetapal created that very easily.

I have a request to you please provide consent to  a suitable one to create a movie or series about the positive view of the incidence happened to you and Mehta family.

I think it shouldn't be late like the creation of the website.

Eveyone should know about that harshad that he is  not a scamster as said through the book or series and instead he is a scapegoat of many other things.

Hope you will read this mail.

Thank you 
Ratheesh Puthukkudi

Nishant Agarwal

Hello mam, I was a big fan of Late Harshad Mehta sir, and is finally happy to see that justice has finally served to the sir and now whole world is aware that sir was innocent. Mam, we can understand the situation, how difficult was that time for you and your whole family, just in one day, whole family life was changed. Mam sir cannot come back, but sir still lives in our hearts and he will rule our hearts forever. Thank you , Nisahnt

Raj Agarwal

Dear Ms. Mehta, I have gone through all the information uploaded on the website and really it was tumultuous & painful to see the truth. I follow Late Mr. Mehta from my college days and in reality he had given the new perspective to stock markets on India. It is really painful and heart burning for me every time I read Mr. Mehta sudden passing way in Jail because of the ruthless and pathetic system we were living into. My good wishes to you and your family to come victorious from this long drawn legal battle. With warm Regards, Raj Agarwal

Shubahm Gupta

hello ma'am from my side that I think that all the suffering that you and sir Harshad had in past was wrong because if you guys are wrong to be rich by finding plot holes is system so my thinking for this society is also wrong and after reading and watching evidences and a series on it I really admire you and Harshad sir. and I pray for you to have a iron heart

Raza Khan

Kindly write in hindi

Harshad Panchal

I am Harshad Panchal
I am impressed with lots of the unknown information provided.
However I suggest if you can make the website language to multi language and preferably in Gujarati and Marathi will certainly help.
There is hardly any work involved in this and can be done with small language conversion. Also appreciate to add more family photos of Harshad Mehta.

Harshad Panchal

Vipul Patel

Hello ma'am sorry to hear about what happened to Harshad Sir. May his soul rest in piece. Btw ma'am what was Harshad sir's height?


We all stand with you mam please be more bold

Hitarth Thakkar

I don't know if this comment is ever read by any of Harshads family members or Ms. Jyothi but I would like to put that I have seen Harshad Mehta series for almost 8 times . I am hishuge follower with respect to his ambitious plans about growth and his aggressiveness with respect to business . I am glad to read this facts and now I have more clarity on the entire issue . This is the best thing one has ever done . Hats off.

Manish Malhotra

He Was Such A Nice Man


You are the strong woman of today, you should not need the feedback or support of others to fight your battle.Indian Constitution gives you complete freedom to fight for your rights.Indian Constitution is not the fiefdom of any one person, it is your country of India.Take your opinion, you will definitely get justice.

Praveen Jadon

I read about respected legend of stock market exchange mr. Harshad mehta.i think it ryt to say here use of bank system loophole instead of scam everyone used to tha.completely it was not scam.i have been learning deep market t get the strategy of mehta sir.Infact i hatts off the mind set of harshad sir of growing market planning....satule legend

Kartik Khador

God of stock market 🙌


He is a hero. But he cruesed by our poor system


I wannna say you something not everyone will read all this paragraphs... Please make a seperate video i swear everyone will help you please nam


Everyone knows late Harshad Mehta sir was a great trader, and his sudden death is a tragedy by few big companies

Ishika Prajapati

It took around 1hour 10 minutes to read the entire story, i am here to support the wife of late HARSHAD SHANTILAL MEHTA, and i personally belive and know if a person is doing wrong and the system ss helping them in doing so, the person alone is not guilty, the entire system is guilty and it is not a scam, it's a framed use of Harshad's intelligent mind against him by helping him to utilize the loopholes of the banking system, Stock market in a wrong way


Mam , Today I saw a movie Rocketry :The nambi effect after that I realised that harshad sir also get justice 💯💯


Dear Mam, Its really a long suffering for you and your family. We understood the true facts through your website. May Harshad soul rest in peace and God give you more strength to fight and got a logical closure to rest of pending cases. God Bless you all!!


Thanks for putting up this website, i spent 5 hours in going through the content, which is very elaborate. Would like to support you to reach wider audience, pl let me know how. Suggestions: 1. Please prepare a summary 7-10 min read for those who don't relish reading 2. Adopt video format to tell your story. Movie rights to Mr. Anil Kapoor would be good idea. All the best, take care

Keyur Mori

Harshad Bhai Mehta ni aje Kami che Sher bazar ma aje Harshad Bhai hot to BSE aje to in the World hot. Jay ho Harshad Bhai

Ankit Israni

a gem person.

Kartik Kaushal

I am with late Harshad mehta. He was a genius and splendid person. May God bless his soul.

Anil Maheshwari

Hatts Off To Late Harshad Mehta ji Gr8 visionary For India.He Never Ever Done cheating he has just Open Road in govt Policies for his use

Aryan Rajput

mam i am so happy after reading all of the information though I was aware of it since very long. i even have mailed you personally. God bless the soul of harshad

Rajni Verma

Mam i support you .... i am a teenager (19 years old) who believe in sir's innocence. i was always waiting for your side of the story, so today when I saw the news that you have made a website on our beloved Harshad sir, i was deeply happy with this. i am right now going to attach the link of your website in my Instagram profile (so that if anyone visit my profile could see the reference of your website). 
with huge respect

Aryan Rajput 
instagram handles - aryann5911, notoriousaryan 

Usha Rani

Thank you mame you are very humble lady
Thank you very good story Harshad Mehta story and of news and films very good story and you expose police police mistakes and you are very humble team and thank you for this story and of camera news by

Gurudatt Bile

Dear Jyoti Mam,

I had started to invest money in stock market 2 years back and always admire Mr. Harshad Mehta. I know in todays world, no scam has been made which not supported by Politician although we have so much rule and regulation, how can Mr. Mehta pulled 1992 scam alone. 

After seeing webseries, I found that he is such a sheer genius to make money for his well being, even at his place, any common man would have do it.

He is culprit for those greedy government officials who he was denied to greed or feed them. I feel sorry to misunderstand you all in my early days as like every one, me also taught that Mr. Harshad Mehta is Scamster. 

I wish you and Mr. Ashwin all the best for your future and feels sorry what condition you face back then.

Last but not the list, Rest in peace Mr. Harshad Mehta

Thanks & Regards

Gurudatt S Bile

Manish Kulkarni

If it is possible can we know the mystery behind the shares worth Rs.300 crore which there partner took from custodian and sold in the open market

Abhinav Verma

yoti mam we all know that Harshad Mehta was not a liar and the government and institutions are doing very bad with the family after watching scam 1992 I thought that this man can't do bad with anyone be strong may his soul rest in power. pls reply mam maybe in one word but this will give me relief.I love you Harshad Mehta ❤️

Amit Agarwal

he great explanation by you about harshad mehta. I hope you will get justice.

Ahammad Rasmi

Hello, jyoti mam, Im rasmi... from Srilanka. Before knowing the story I thought Harshad Mehta was an average scamster but now I believe that he was a GENIUS. financial genius of his own type. This world need him. I can only say Indian politicians & media killed a legend. He was the real hero of stock market. I want to meet metha sir but i cant. So i want to meet jyoti mam... if you read this comment please reply me... i want to talk with you...

Shrey Mehta

Amazing inspirational life of a middle class man who risen and succeded in the stock market at that times when people had very less knowledge and resources about it. May Harshad & the whole family gets justice. He was , he is and will be the "Big Bull" and hero of Indian stock market who believed in the long term growth and future of this country. He inspired me and many others to chase our dreams. Long live Harshad Mehta " Legend never die"


May Harshad sir rest in peace and Mehta family get all their rights and freedom

Pranav Thakur

I'm being a trader and investor as well , don't think that Harshad mehta was a scammer or anything bad . He just used hus mind and made money like everyone is doing . Just the fault of harshad mehta was that he wasn't able to bribe enough to govt authorities which leaded him to adversity . Hero or villain , i support harshad mehta in every aspect being a trader . Thank you ❤️ Rest in peace dear Sir !!!

Uday Modi

Hello Uday modi here i don't know real fact about this but i can understand that MR Mehta was not wrong just her take the advantage of system and he is not scammer and what happened to him how government treated him that was totally not justice Many of people are scamming INDIAN government and run away and if Mr wanted to ran they can but his intention was true he face that issue and try to get justice But he stuck with politic I am with You Miss Jyoti Harshad Mehta God bless you and wish MR Mehta and his family get justice and you get all living right what indian citezen get Thank You Uday Modi

Pragyesh Gaur

Mr. Harshat S. Mehta Ji was such a great personality & according to me no one can never take his place. I can make sure that "if Sir was present today the India would be the Biggest Economy in the World." He was having the talent of telling the real value of any Organization. Sad to loose such a great personality who put lot of efforts for our County. Today also we all Miss You Sir !! I would be really happy if I would get a chance to help Harshad Sir's family in any way for Justice.

Pragyesh Gaur

Today I found this website & I read all the documents & events in Sir's life & now I am happy to know all the Reality of that time. Thank You for letting us know the Truth. I have a great respect for Sir in heart which can't be lower anyway. I miss him lot. May Sir Soul Rest in Peace. Miss uh Sir

Satyam Yadav

This guy was hero of his time and eventually not only in the market but also his ethics and integrity toward's the nation and people of India was much profitable. He and his family also deserve the same justice as every citizen of country get through our constituition if this continues same then people of country might loose the hope in judiciary.Now a days there many investors in the market but his absence will not fill the gap. Thank you

Sandeep Thadani

I genuinely will support a march to 'demand an end' to the case. Pray for the entire family 🙏🙏

Sandeep Thadani

Nothing justifies 30 years of suffering to a family for a over dramatised irregularity. It is just vindictive

Nikhil Kumar

Mam, Sabse phele tow mam m apko bhut sara pyar parivar sahit. Mam suchita bahut gandi h. Mam aap bus ajao samne Delhi anshan karenge sab jane. Mai likh k de sakta hu bharat ki 1% janta ayegi tow pura delhi hil jayega. Yeh sab mam system choro se bhara hua h. Harsad sir ne kita kuch kia sabke liye Chori daka thodi dala tha , bank ka br tha unresponsibility thi chaheh br chori ho ya voh khud use kerle unko bus on time dena h other bank ko. Mam kuch ni h yeh duniya bus jalti h. Mam hum sabhi apke sath h. We love harshad metha sir❤️. I love harshad metha.❤️🌺. I will always love him❤️. Mam you are great person ❤️. Mam i know ap jo biti h koi ni samgh sakta. But mam shi m batara hu yeh suchita bahut gandi h. I hate her . Love you from my family. Love you metha's family ❤️🌺 We all are with you❤️


It is very unfortunate the event lead to the loss of a great man who was here to bring a change for the greater good . All this proof and the happenings even now clearly show how justice is lacking and things are still being hidden. Your objective for this will be met .Hopefully with all the proof and real information out after all these years justice is given and thank you for giving us a great insight about the life of Harshad Mehta.


I’ve been feeling so sad of what you guys went through and how you must be going through till today. I hope wherever he is he’s watching from up upon you guys. 🙌

Dixita Chandarana

My father knows him very well as says my father made piles of money at that time....and he told me whatever this web series and movies r showing its totally bullshit.....harsad was god for my father and yes we r living a wealthy life bcoz of ur life partner....if u need any kind of help and resistance kindly contct my email as my wp number8686886828

Vishal Ahuja

Hi ,

Government miss use the power only ,Harshad Mehta help so much at time

Sent from my iPhone

Nikunj Drolia

Very inspiring Jyoti , I am a NRI based out of Singapore actively investing in Indian stocks , and harshad bhai has been an inspiration , I feel Sorry for our system back the and harshad became a scape boat 

Siddesh Mule

I see Mehta's story its very sad . government very badly handel the case of harshad sir .i hate this jalous people. No any word !and can not explain my feelings 😌

Siddharth Chadha

Harshad Ji is a hero . For every person who knows the hard work he has done will always praise him … it has been 20 years and everyone knows the truth that govt was wrong but no action is done …  His Friend and so called bull who has learned alot from him is praised by govt and  public but ultimately Harshad is the man with whom everyone was jealous and they can never reach his standards… Harshad is hero for every retail investor. I wish we could learn from him alot if he was with us … I am personally with you and your family maam … it would be my pleasure to be part of your family and this fight…. Will help and do anything required for my hero 🙏🏻 

Rakesh Kamble

Hi madam 

I need all information after 1992 story ditail story


This facts fully changed my point of view, and now I can understand how government organizations can blame one person for their profit and ruins a family. I can understand your point and the way you describe it, but a person can never read whole pages, so it's better you made a video describing all these things with some of your memories and photographs. It will be a better user experience, and your story will reach so many people by using social media.


Hello,  I was not born during ‘The Harshad Mehta’ Era but since i got the understanding of stock market I constantly heard from my nana and nani about the boom we as a family were able to enjoy just because of him.  Really A Great Man with Untold Stories  

Shivang Tyagi

Dear mam 
I am a 17 year student and i am very interested in stock market from age 15 
And after seeing the scam 1992 i want also become the harshad mehta sir professional broker ,successful man 
But after seeing the series whole series 
I feel that something wrong with harshad sir. I study all about the company ( grow more) ,family, holdings ( stocks) everything about him. And he also india  largest tax payer and he lives now the india GDP goes top in the world . Lakin jo ya reality Hnn jo ki ap na apna husband ka bara ma likha Hnn is real their is someone involved in the market fot destroy the life of harshad sir their is international investors some 

Mam koi to hoga jo ki ya sab kar na cata hoga or kyu cata mera ko is ka question abhi tak kahi nahi mila mana bhut internet search kia lakin aj tak koi solution nahi aya 

shivang tyagi 

Mam ek din time mila ga to ya sab jarur padu ga.... 
Thank you 
Ma bhi bhagwaan sa wish kar ta hu ki mera ko bhi ap jasi wife mila 
Ek wife apna husband ka lia itna kar sakti ma na abhi tak to nahi dhak . ..... 


Now I am also invest my savings in grow . . .... ( Grow more by harshad mehta)


Very sorry for your loss

Bittu Kumar Yadav

before knowing all this facts deep in my heart i knew that mr Harshad mehta was innocent and hero of stock market.. the only mistake is that “he is nice person and innocent' and he has pay the price of being such a nice person.. he aways think of our country and his pride , scammers are those runway from their country like mallya ,nirav modi,choksi and all.. not Mr harshad mehta who always try to prove ourself innocent.. i have many thing to say but at last i want to say that. I will be the next Harshad mehta of india .. but definitely not nice person like him definitely not.. i will destroy or kill all of those people who even think of making trouble for my family ..

Yogesh Shinde

Hi Please upload the content in Hindi as well for non English readers. Regards


Greetings, Jyoti Mehta. My sincerest condolences to you and your whole family. I have just finished scam 1992 all episodes last night and I am unable to get out of it. And the last scene was very emotional. I've nothing much to say but just want to appreciate you for taking the step to make this website. Harshad Mehta was a hero.

Chintan Avichal

He was absolutely Genius, inspired millions of youth and continue to do so after watching the web series.God bless his soul and hope justice will serve to the family.  Family need to come out more on social media  and put their case to the public, since public prescription has changed about Harshad bhai after web services. Thank you. Chintan Avichal ( New York)  

Ravi Prakash Pandey

I'm big fan of harshad sir. Before the movie and web series. I know only whatedia say and google reports. Why u not tell sucheta dalal that all other brokers are doing in market she only see the harshad sir.

Risabh Jain

The day when I heard the story of sir harshad mehta the first thing which I thought was the name big bull is made for him He is an inspiration for me from where he come to what he did is like wow Salute to u and ur whole family for teaching the whole world what family means and salute to harshad mehta sir for really making us belive that we can create a history

Aditya Deep

Such a inspiration for mind game.(I learn  from him that always take risk for big jump) Also for Harshad Mehta sir I pray that that his soul rests in piece. 

Anurag Hardi

Hello ma'am! 
Harshad Sir was really a great hero . He's always been my role model . He taught the middle class families to aim and dream big. If he wasn't got caught ,I am sure he would have done many many great things for India and to the people.  He'll always be there with us and I would really love to become like him and have a great brain like him
Thank you. 


Harshad mehta is the inspiration to common man who wants to invest in stock market The man who got and lost it Jai hind, jai karnataka

Mitin Lokande

God be with you all, happy to know the facts. Salute to you'll for the patience and strength. Warm regards,

Prashant Rajpoot

I'll read all the matter which is mentioned above and his story was really inspiring i will prayed to God to fulfill his last wish to discharge all his obligations and clear his name from all the cases and also want to draw attention of India's honable court to take this case very seriously

Choudhary Sudhir Panghaal

We all were waiting to hear from you about all what has happened in the past years what is right what is wrong  
Thanks To enlighten us
नमन है उस देश भगत को जिसने अपने देश के बारे में सोचा ना की अपने और अपने परिवार के बारे में जिसने हमे उस समय वित्तीय संकट से बचाया और इन सरकारों के मिलकर उसी को मोहरा बनाया 

मैं नॉन मेडिकल से जुड़ा एक छात्र हु जब हम स्कूल में पढ़ते थे तब हमे नहीं पता था की ये शेयर बाजार क्या होता है सेंसेक्स निफ़्टी ऊपर निचे होने से क्या होता है लेकिन जब मैंने श्रीमान हर्षद मेहता जी के बारे में पढ़ा और सुना तभी से मेरा इस शेयर बाजार के बारे में मुझे पता लगा और हर्षद मेहता जी से प्रेरित होकर शेयर बाजार में पैसा लगाना शुरू किया है 

हम सब जानते है ये हर्षद मेहता स्कैम नहीं था बल्कि ये सिटी बैंक स्कैम था जिसके बारे में भाई राजीव दीक्षित ने भी जीकर किया था जो हमेसा से ही विदेशी कमपनियों के दुशमन रहे लेकिन आज वो बी हमारे बिच नहीं है या जिसे इन सरकारों ने जीने नहीं दिया एक सरीफ इंसान के लिए ये दुनिया नहीं है 

भगवान आपको और आपके परिवार को परिस्थिति से लड़ने का मनोबल दे 

हर्षद मेहता जी हमेशा हमारे बिच रहेंगे 


Shantanu Walke

We as a nation have heard only the other part of the story, it saddens me to hear the ordeal of a man and his family which they go through even after his death. I personally am a huge admirer of Mr. Mehta and hope the family gets the justice it deserves. I pray that he rests in peace. Om Shanti.  

Divya Maheswari

Hey, I am an 18 year old boy who has a lot interest in finance, stock market and literally I am huge fan huge means huge fan of Sir Harshad Mehta. He is a man who taught middle class people to dream. I can't define how much i am influenced by him. That's all Thank you

Rajusing Maher


I Read all about our Hero Sir Harshad Mehta...I always Pray for Mehta's Family...sir not a Criminal..Sir is a Real Big Bull of Indian Stock Market..Sir Live in our Heart 72

We Miss you sir..The Big Bull Mr. Harshad Mehta Sir. 7272

Thank you.. Mam 
Shared all True Information about our Hero.. 7272

- The Big Fan 
Rajusing S Maher (Aurangabad, Maharashtra) 

Nipam Kapadiya

Hello ma'am, I hope You will be Happy. As per the Indian law After Harshadsir's death Police or government cannot harass you in any way

Sachin Agarwal

I was a class 10th school student when these incidents took place. But I have always believed that this story was unfolding too fast. Not the usual way such stories move in India. Since then on many occasions, I have asked people to not call it, The Harshad Mehta Scam. Alternatively, call it the Bank Fund Scam or simply The Stock Market Scam. Indian markets were immature at that time and surely it was a regulation failure. SEBI was newly created then and must be still grappling with own initial hiccups. Harshad's side of the story was conspicuously missing from the entire scene. And most media reports were simply one sided. I am appalled at your patience and perseverance in contesting the issue since three decades. Thanks for presenting the other side of the story in public domain The issue of tax terrorism is widely experienced by many but is not spoken-off frequently. The Vodafone and Cairns India cases are case in point in themselves which even brought damage to our reputation on International forum. Ultimately, as a damage control exercise, the Govt had to eat an humble pie by passing new law to save face.

Vikram Shinde

I inspired from Mehta sir, I just came into stock market look into his story and strategies

Tushar Chaudhary

Yes Harshad Mehta was a hero and he was used by big politician and stock market participants like Rakesh, damani and other members of bear cartel and they also killed harshad metha in Jail so that he would not call out their name I am a student and learning about stock market and can proudly say that harshad metha is my hero......

Tushar Chaudhary

yes harshad metha sir was used as a scapegoat by the big polticians and major stock market participants like rakesh , damani and other members of bear cartel and they also killed harshad metha in the jail so that harshad might not call out their name. well i am a student and learning about trading in stock market and yes i can proudly say that harshad metha was a hero and in future when i will become a big trader i would try to raise my voice on this concern i do have harshad sir photo in my wallet........

Pranav Sai Velavan

Hi Ms. Jyothy "My sympathies with you & your family" Harshad from what I've seen is a trailblazer caught up in a series of bad sails set by you know who. Wishing you all the success in fighting this out. Cheers

Jatin Chopra

Harshad Mehta sir explained whole nation the power of the Stock Market. Taught us many life lessons with his life story. Whole nation stands with you, Keep Fighting for your rights and justice.

Dharmesh Mehta

Requested to publish these in vernacular languages i.e. gujrati,Hindi and others to reach and spread awareness to the maximum number of people who are interested in the other side of the coin


Mam your are so great i am proud of you mam court ko apke sabhi paise lotane chahiye chahe wo paise,gahne,property etc sb kuch lotana unhe

Srenath Konnipati

we are with you iam from hyderabad in real estate and stock business, any business proposal let me know brother and sister

Chetan Bhai

Read thru lot of your stuff. do not understand lot of technical aspects. You need to make a movie to have any tangible effect on masses. I personally lost 1000 (entire capital invested) in 1992 when my monthly salary was 400 before deductions. Not saying this to make any demand from you or holding any grudge against HSM Fully agree with you that 1992 newspaper articles created scare in minds of many and effectively prevented from many retailers from entering into stock market. Also one small request. please change "rest in peace" to "iswar emni aatma ne shaanti aape". RIP is not appropriate for Hindus. Write this in Hindi or Gujarati.

Dinesh Fulwani

Respected Mam, i also suffer of this fraud banks I have complaint Mr.Uday Kotak sir on social media bcos bank website don't accept complaint of there staff nor it works to register complaint. Bank staff don't provide receipt of we lodge complaint against manager. MAM how can bank charge or add intrest on frozen or block account ?. Customer can also ask for intrest for the days it raids. They too are suffering. Mam if it's possible go to international court against international banks. They can better help in human rights and true facts.

Dinesh Fulwani

Respected Mam, I am with you and Harshad sir Family. Any 12 pass well educated can understand that system is faulty, why 3 charted firm passed book is not looked, valued ?? Were they not passed by Indian education system or they don't understand economics. Why is intrest calculated so much, if bank themself can't provide such good intrest??? Why your valution of assets increased if there can increase by dream intrest ?. Why supreme court order is not valued byIT Heads ? Are they above law or government? I'm with you and your family. I want to help your family by money, food or any sense. I'm small person but my intention are clear like sir. Helpfull and Stand with Truth.


Wishing you peace, comfort, courage and lots of love at this time of sorrow.


Thanks for sharing such information. I feel very sorry for what your family had to suffer. People needed to know the exact truth about the HSM story. Your husband suffered a lot because of those evil people who wanted to break him. We stand with you and Harshad. May his soul rest in peace.

Jyoti Jain

Salute to Harshad sir. Really got emotional by reading the reality and Thank you soo much mam for showing us the reality.


it’s very tragic what happen post demise of Late Mr Harshad Mehata. I feel the pain of family on two aspect one loosing dear one and other humiliation later. It’s very unfortunate.  It’s unfair treatment, I wish the system wakes up and undone the wrongs.

CA Jeet

First of all I am so sorry for all the suffering years your family has faced during legal battles and at the same time I also thank you for bringing to the public the truth which we never knew.
I was always inspired and amazed by the intelligence and hard work of Late. Sh. Harshad Mehta. He stood from ground level. I always believe that competitor are everywhere and when somebody from very ground level rises to success, there may be many enemies against his every action. Lastly but not least, you have mentioned the truth which I always try to search on Internet.
I wish you and your family a very good luck for all your future actions. And I also believe that Late. Sh. Harshad Mehta must be relieved on seeing that public will come to know about the truth.

Thanking you

Deepak Dhanji Patel

Hi Jyoti ji, Would you like to finance a real estate project at Thane where my father is a stakeholder? Would be a great help to me and my family and would benefit you too as it will be profitable.

Sarthak Mishra

Let the truth be prevailed and may god bless Harshad Sir with immense happiness in his afterlife and wherever he is... Amen

Vishal Agarwal

RIP legend … one of the most  talented stockbroker of the world ❤️



Saryu Gaba

“Courage is more exhilarating than fear and in the long run it is easier. We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just one step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down.” Mr HM is an inspiration. He is not guilty , he is HERO Thanks for sharing , Keep updating. Regards,

Ravi Oswal

Why the members of Mehta family is not there in any social media platforms , they must come forward in social share their sufferings.

Parag Doshi

today guru purnima he is gurubhai of all gujjus

Varun Jain

After watching the web series I was convinced a scam took place but after seeing the conclusive evidence I am shocked , sorry for what ur family had to go through terrible and sorry for late mr Harshad mehta who brought in a revolution and fought against the corrupt system all d best and you should take action for the shows being telecast without ur consent All d best 

Nitin Dey

Hello madam, 

I'm very inspired by Harshad Mehta sir. I know him through movies or newspaper.. But I know he is not guilty.. He had trapped by others trap.. I'm with you.. Don't worry God and I with you.. 
I am not a very big person but you can can contact me.. 

My English is very weak so any grammatical mistack ignore. 

Nitin dey

Nishant Thanawala

Whatever happened with late Respected Mr. Harshad Mehta sir was completely wrong , the fact that several fake cases and absurd allegations were too put on him . Whatever happened with sir and the whole family was truly heartbreaking and absolutely wrong. Stay strong as you have always been. We pray for him . Om Shanti. Justice Awaited!

Tirth Solanki

I really feel sorry for your family and you mrs. Jyoti. When i watched the the death part of hrashad i literally cried whole night, i saw how you all struggled through your difficult times. I really wanted to meet harshad mehta after watching the series. I want to know where are you living right now ? I wish i could meet your family one day ashwin sir, and you. I wish you all the best keep up this side wr are all there from harshad side. I love you all.

Tanay Shah

Hello Ma'am.

All the content on the website was just awesome!.

Thanks, to you for making aware the Icon's life story.

Tanay Shah.


Please can you provide option of  multiple languages in this website especially Hindi. 


Sir Harshad a Sultan of Dalal Street.He ruled it.Not RakeshJhunjhunwal.Sad That a hero Passed.away when i am in 10'th live for ever till stock market Dies...

Shubham Goyal

personally believe that Late Mr. Harshad Mehta was the real king of Indian stock market and he was trapped by the people sitting in the market for years. It always happen in India. My personal suggestion would be to file defamation case against Sucheta Dalal, Debashish Basu, Sony LIV(OTT platform which released Scam 1992) and the producers of the movie big bull.
Rest, your family will be released from all cases soon and would be awarded the refund receivable.


Shubham Goyal

Saurabh Singh Gahlod

suchita dalal ko padam shri wapas kar dena chaiye. or unki book bhi ban kar dena chaiye.


Hello Mam I'm big fan of harshad sir I want to meet your family.please reply soon

Umesh Chandra Sharma

हिन्दी भाषा में भेजे बड़ी मेहरबानी होगी धन्यवाद

Kavya Patel

Let's Run A Twitter Trend For Justice Guys #justiceforharshadmehta #yellowjournalismsucheta

Prafulraj Bhargava

में हर्षद मेहता के बारे में ज्यादा तो नही जानता पर जब से मैने उनके बारे में पढ़ा है में उनका बहुत बड़ा फैन हूँ वह एक अच्छे इंसान थे और उन्होंने स्टॉक मार्केट से बहुत पैसा बनाया लेकिन सिर्फ खुद के बल्कि कई मध्यम वर्ग के लोगो को लाभ हुआ इसका कई लोगो ने अपनी ज़रूरते पूरी की एवं आप भी जानते है कि कोई व्यक्ति यदि आगे बढ़ता है तो उसके विपरीत उसको रास्ते से भटकाने वाले परेशान करने वाले अनंत लोग पैदा हो जाते है कारण यह है कि यह केकड़ों की तरह है यदि एक टोकनी भर कर केकड़े रख दिये जायें तो एक भी बाहर नही आएंगे क्योकि एक बाहर आने की कोशिश करता है तो दूसरा उसकी टांग पकड़ कर खींचता है यह इस तरह के लोग है ना ही हर्षद मेहता जी जिन्हें में अपना बड़ा भाई मानता हूं उन्होंने कोई बैंक का पैसा नही खाया ओर ही किसी प्रकार का किसी के साथ धोखा किया है ओर उन्होंने बैंक का सारा पैसा वापस भी किया फिर क्यों उन्हें जेल में डाल दिया गया क्यो जब उनकी जेल में अचानक तबियत बिगड़ी तो उनका तवरित उपचार नही किया गया इसमे बहुत बड़े बड़े नाम शामिल है जिन्होंने मिलकर इस मिडिल क्लास परिवार के आदमी को आगे बढता देख परेशान करना शुरू कर दी यह आरोप भी बेबुनियाद है में चाहता हु की इस मामले मे हर्षद मेहता जी को इंसाफ मिले🙏🙏🙏🙏

Kavya Patel

RIP LEGEND HARSHAD MEHTA Mam Please upload a video on YouTube on this topic. It will reach more people. Because this days people don't read so long blogs.

Kavya Patel

Mam why don't you take legal actions against the webseries ,its portraying bad image of Shri . Harshad Mehta and it's showing him as a scamster. RIP LEGEND HARSHAD .S. MEHTA


We are living in a time where a person killed a wild animal (prohibited) and got away then killed a man by his car and again got away. Today he is living a life of celebrity...people are crazy behind him.  The irony is we had a person who alone can change the face of our financial market, and he did try, but he never got the recognition. He was caught in the hands of wolves of Dalal Street and we lost that visionary person.  Harshad didn't kill any animal or person, he didn't cheated any financial institutions like the other big businessmen prefer to do and then run away from country, he didn't take public money like many crooked businessmen did in the past. In fact he had opportunities to run away from country and it was very easy in those days. But, he didn't do that. Inspite he stayed back and faced the authorities. He wanted to take his chances and wanted to prove himself, but,  he didn't. We are indebted to him.  Thnaks (Special Note : 31 yrs ago at the start of my career i got a chance to work with him but it didn't work. Later in 2001 again i got a chance to work with him...interview was done, but.....he went away. I am still interested to work for him)

R Sridhar


Chinmaya Polai

I am a great fan of Harshad sir, he is a man of integrity and the original big bull of the indian stock market I am a big follower of Harshad sir, he is hero for me I don't care about those peoples who think he is a scamster I always researched on him for his way of thinking and other skills which I want to learn. But after reading this, it helped me a lot of knowing about my ideal. He is the big bull forever...

Chetan Kalal

harshad mehta is hero of indian stock market and he is my inspiration

R D Patel

Harshad is a legend
legend never die

Jayraj Solanki

You and your husband is always right and one day you will get justice and your husband. Trust in God.

Dhananjay Mehta

બસ એક ઈચ્છા.. આપની સાથે એક વાર વાત કરવાની... મોબાઈલ નંબર.. 9898923672 ધનંજય મહેતા.. રાજકોટ..


So… you want to put congress in spot and show BJP is better?! 😂

Suprit S Mugali

Harshad Mehta's is a greatful of a my life, is a brand and thankyou and best truth of India.

Kaba Karshan



We are living in a world where one cannot see or tolerate the other person grow or succeed. To be very honest, I only got to know about Mr. Harshad Mehta after watching a show on him on OTT. Having a full 8-9 episode TV show on him itself shows the impact he had on this country. I am not in a position to judge if Harshad was innocent or if he really scammed the whole nation. "Scam" is a meaningless word in the Indian dictionary or maybe, its definition changes with the people doing it. All I can say is that I have become a huge fan of Harshad after watching this TV show. We are living in a country where political parties openly loot the nation on a daily basis, doing bigger scams that we probably cannot even comprehend. All this only made me lose faith in the system. For some reason, Harshad Mehta has motivated a lot of people of this generation. I myself started investing in the stock market after getting to know about this man. Huge respect If the Mehta family decides to restart "Growmore", I will probably be one of the first few to sign up with them to manage my portfolio.

Ajay Bhosale

Harshad Sir Was a Legend

Bhavesh Dandwate

Harshad Mehta is very good and intalgent man Jyoti mam ❤️❤️

Pranav Vyas

Hello Mam, I've read second side story, i'm always curies to see story from your side but as usual in movie/series , we can see excited climax for public , apki baat age public tak pochane k liye aap kisi se documentary film banao to aur log sungenge aapki baat aur sarkar bhi dekhengi. HARASAHD MEHTA IS HERO. Thanks

Swapnil Kumar

Really Harshad sir aur aap sabhi ke sath bohot bura hua,bhagwan kare esa kisike sath na ho,our all good wishes with you and your family 🙏


I understand your feelings madam, shridi baba will always with you, all the truth should come out to the nation and the people whe were killed your husband to be punished. take care madam we are all with you

Falgun Khatri

I really don’t think he did any scam or whatever you call it he was a hero and will be hero of stock market it was just some people don’t like when an outsider builds bigger empire than they all are combined and I believe all the allegations are failed because he isn’t proven guilty he was and will always be the only BIG BULL.

Aditya Jaiswal

Resently my father passed away and our whole world turned up side down. Just like Mr. Mehta, my father didn't had any medical history. He died in mysterious circumstances just like him and my father was with his business partners out of the state. He isn't in stock market but some thing familiar to that. There is so much to tell about this story which I can't disclose. I might not feel the way you, your family, friends, works and etc had/bring/have gone through, but I can relate the frustration, anger, long seen loneliness, etc and I understand that. Just wanted to let you know you already have love and support from your loved once and son. And also always from me as well. This world won't be knowing how great your husband was, but your son is your and his(Mr. Mehta) world and it's more than anything for him to know. There is so much I wanted to talk and say about. But it's ok. Take care. Om Namo Narayan.


I understand your pain, Mam. What you and your family went through is beyond words. If possible, do run a campaign in support of Late sir. I stand with you

Manik Thakur

He was a hero and he will be  maket  head  for me 

Amon Sinha

Respected Smt Jyoti Harsad Mehta ji ,
Good day
It's was an pathetic Ending of Late harshad bhai  , Minor heart attack  at 7 PM to 11 PM on 21 dec 2001 at Thane hospital .
It's a medical Negligence done by adminstration in 2001 .
It's an endless loss for Mehta Family .
It's thinks it been a scam done in face of HM in a name of justice .Even RBI Banks or corporate society  all need to taken under trail . But the judicial Trail was just un humanly .we all want to take this matter in confirmation to United Nations Human Rights Council Against the judiciary 
System Done making Harshad bhai a victim cards to save guard the BIG Political Fish , it's unbelievable that every thing was a show run by Harshad bhai .
It need to be re-open again what happen to Harsad bhai thro the govt agency .
As to clear the mark
‼️ put on late Harshad bhai Family .
Jyoti Ma'am & Sunil Bhai ,
We are with you and always in support of harsad bhai .Raised the Voice .
Now Political & Judiciary Scenario had been change in India .It's a new age India .
Free trail in case of Telgi Scam .Undisclosed call Political Scam to Big political Fish Scam .
Last words
He been the victim to save guard the Big political  frame .Every one knows .
Raised the Voice in Public Domain So as 
All BIG fish faces need to Show off to every india citizen .I think the Mentor was S.D but on whose instructions SD Play the card to make Harsad bhai a victim ,that is not aware still . unknown fact . Something is been missing .From the Real Play .
It's be known to every one ? 
It's needed .
Just Raised the Voice .Again . 
Amon Sinha

Anupam Tripathi

Dear Jyoti ji, 

Proud of you for sharing your story on Thank you! 

Your late husband was a hero and a financial whiz, he was wrongly made a scapegoat by the hypocrite and corrupt system. Am so sorry for your loss. I wish you the very best going forward. 

I shall be carefully following your website for more of your thoughts. More power to you. Do well! 

PS. If someone with even 50 perce t of your late husbands financial acumen was finance minister of India for 5 years, India would be a 30 trillion USD economy by now then. 
~ Anupam Tripathi 

Ashok Tiss

A good compilation of your side of the story. This appears to be a centrally sponsored conspiracy. Now that you have turned around please take the erring officials to task for mismanaging your assets . Also seek damages from courts. Good luck.

Vatsala Doshi

I am deeply saddened and have studied your case in depth because I also wanted to listen to this type of story. I am very much happy that you have shared your part of the story with facts and evidence which makes it more accessible for us to believe this. We can say he was made the scapegoat and it is indeed very much sad that you guys had to go through this and this is too much legal harassment. I would love to know over the mail what is your status and where do you guys stand as a family? What you people do now. More power to you and your family.


Hello Mam,

 Request To Please  update the Translate option In Website Bcz many people's are Bot understanding The english.  So I request to Please add multiple Option like hindi, marathi, gujarati, and many More reginal Languages in This Website ,

 Thanks & Regards

Abhishek Thakur

Respected mam
May Any one say anything about THE PRIDE, THE REAL MAN 
🌟  MR HARSHAD MEHTA 🌟 I personally feel & also believe that he was & is THE BEST 
Abhishek Singh
Vapi, Gujarat 

Vijay Manda

Finally the Mehta family have spoken. For 30 years, I waited to hear the other side of the story. Thank you.  Hardhadbhai, May your soul rest n peace. 🙏🙏🙏.. VJ

Avnish Kumar

Directly or indirectly my whole family got benefitted from harshad sir. I am a great admirer of sir. After watching scam 1992 I was expecting some clarification from your side and today I got to know every aspect of the event. 🙂

Soham Panda

Firstly I am very eager to know your side of story. Secondly I am very interested to know the story about the Lexus that Harshad Sir owned. Also if any pics of that car would be shared I would be very thankful.

Usha Jha

It's injustice that the whole family is still suffering for such a long time. Even Late Shri Harshad Mehta ji should also have been treated with humanity. Stay strong ma'am and must approach the government

Avk Satish kumar raju

I am a big fan of HARSHAD MEHTA. I believe that system is corrupt. We support you always untrue mud slinging on Harshad mehta is not correct they profited on him and made him a scape goat.He is King 👑 in millions of people.

Aniket Asopa

I am glad to read all the real facts was waiting for them for so long .I knew there was something wrong with web series and the movie and the whole scam thing now i know the real truths .Wishing your family long and prosperous life .And there will be only one and the biggest investor and bull of the India Mr.HARSHAD MEHTA he will always be the inspiration for me to do something good for the country and be visionary .Thanks again for the 'Real Facts'.

Satya Prakash Lakhera

Kindly post one video on the same for wide spread of your voice

Krish Agarwal

What is atur metha doing?

R S Prasad

Very horrible situation for your family... praying for quick resolution.

Smith Zaveri

A MESSAGE FROM 22 YEAR OLD .Proud on you Mam for bringing the truth atleast people will know the truth about the late harshad sir You are truly a brave lady and I my self is 22year old and enter into stockmarket after watching The webseries and doing research about Harshad Sir. He is inspiration for all the youth in the market even if he is not here still no one can replace him as 'BIG BULL'

Tushar Arora

He is really a intelligent guy,he is alive in hearts of his a lot of number of fans,India losted a gem,may God keep his soul rest in peace,harshad is like a guru for me.

Anand Kamal Goel

Thanks a lot for this insightful & exhaustive website on Mr Harshad Mehta Ji. It was much needed to put the original authentic documents & facts in the public domain. All that was available was ill-informed opinion. It will go a long way in clearing the toxicity that has been maliciously spread around his name. May God almighty, give peace & solace to our Adored Big Bull's soul. A small request, please upload more photographs of Mr Harshad Mehta for his fans to download. Regards Anand Kamal Goel

Sandip Ahir

After i saw the web show and videos on harshad .s.mehta sir i was manipulated that yes he has looted money of retail investor and tax payer. But i was always curious to know his side also but till now i heard two sides of story first the journalist side second movies and tvseries side. But they didnt show any proof but they were succesfull to manipulate the citizens but your side of story with proof has increased my respect towards Harshad.s.mehta. Hope you reply.

Jayghosh Vadhvana

મારી કમેન્ટમાં લખેલી પ્રત્યેક વાત તમને સમાચાર થકી સાર્થક થતી જણાય ત્યારે લાપસી ખાવા બોલાવજો
આભાર અને પ્રણામ.

Jayghosh Vadhvana

After reading all these and studying them thoroughly my conviction towards growing the Indian markets rapidly has become more strong now. I dont want to become 2nd Harshad Mehta, I just want to be the 1st Jayghosh Vadhvana who is going to take revenge of the discriminations you and the family had to face, still facing. I am not going to become a bull neither a bear, I will become "Share market ka Sher". All people who has done wrong to you and the family are going to regret. I am 10000% (the growth of ACC by Mehta Saaheb back then) sure of it. You'll see me in near future. મહેતા પરિવારને મારા સાદર પ્રણામ. Regards.

Pankaj Yadav

Respected Mam,

I, Pankaj Yadav, resident of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. I have a startup but in need of funds for some additional expenses. i know this is not the right time or situation to ask you for this but after reading and exploring about Sir (Harshad Mehta) i dare to dream and start something of my own. In India everybody, even 3-4 years of children knew him as someone who is inspirational and dedicated towards his work. He did what was good and what a man does to feed his family. He never keeps a child in himself away. I know if he was alive he would surely help someone like me because he wants to see people go as big as they can.

Atlast i will say and ask you to help me in any manner as u can if possible mam. 


Much love and good wishes to you & your family.

Pankaj Yadav

Nalini Thakkar

fter watching SCAM 1992, I strongly felt that he was actually a HERO with tremendous brilliance !

Ttarun Sharma

इस मौत को क्यों रहस्य मय रखागया? क्यों परिवार को पोस्टमार्टम और अन्य रिपोर्ट नहीं दीं गई? क्यों क्रिया कर्म से परिवार को दूर रखा गया? (जैसा कि जानकारी प्राप्त हुई)यह संभावना लगती है कि हर्षद जी के साथ किसी बड़े रसूख वाले के राज़ हों जिसके कारण उन्हें इलाज से अनुमानतः आप जान के वंचित रखा गया. ये भी संभावना लगती है कि उन्हें कुछ ऐसा ट्रीटमेंट दिया गया हो जिससे हार्ट अटैक आये.

Shreyas Agarwal

Dear mam,

We already know somewhere that mr Harshad Mehta was a Gem. But Not known all the facts you shared on the website. Thanks for showing the real face of the story.

I just want to say you that Harshad Mehta ji was a fighter and he is our Hero.

Shreyash Agrawal 

Ranjan Kumar

so sorry
after i go through your website, i got to know know lots of new thing about harshad mehta.
thank you so much for sharing this type of information. i will share this information to
the way i though , now completely changed.
personally i love him, beacuse of him now indian stock market are wellknow & everybody
wants to talk about stock market.

Jayant Parab

Respected Madam Good Day My Name is Jayant I am 21 Years old Student. The
Honourable Shri Harshad Bhai Was an Inspiration For Me His Vission Was To Make India
More Powerful With Inspiration Knowledge & Unity. He Has A Power To Achieve
He Was The Person With The Heart of Gold
& I Would like to Thanks Mam for Sharing Geniune & Real Incident on Website
I am also belong To Middle Class Family My Father Died due to Cancer But My Father
use To Say Harshad Bhai Was an Hero.
I Wish if I had enough Money i Would have Built Something in Memory of Harshad Bhai
Hospital or Orphanage Home For The children
My Intention Is Not to Hurt anyone Or anything i Feel i should say Something For My
Hero My Inspiration If Anything Hurts I am really sorry From The Heart

Mithilesh Kumar Gupta

I hope you've been well, you wrote all the fact ,incident, report, conclusion you've describe
it at your best ,and in the best possible manner I've ever read or know about sir Harshad
mehta. First of all Thanks a lot to you and your team for these effort.
After going through this full article we come to know that there're a lot of fact , for which
we're unaware about that,
and in my point Still there's something which is hidden for us , that's may be about that 54
days custody report, Document found and Information obtained related to various officials,
Government and the real fact about postmortem report.
And I'm really Thankful for the team that they have attached all the original Document,
judgement, circulars, and videos as supportive evidences.
I wish May Lord shri Radhekrishna shower all their Blessing on you.
I express my sincerest sympathy to your family, and I pray , His soul finally rests in

Arpan Bose

Hi mam, I'm Arpan Bose. I'm from West Bengal, India I read your website your content is
very good. We love Late Harshad Mehta sir. He create Different. Actually I'm a small
Trader and Investor. Thank you

Vivek Baheti

Kindly launch a book on this. I am with Harshad Mehta Sir.

Sushmeendra Singh

Hii smt Mehta Harshad bhai is really great bcz coming from such a middle class family he
struggled alot and found success in stock market but the egoistic person in market couldn't
handle his success and one thing that made me really happy that he got such a supportive
brother who was with him in his worse and i have seen webseries for almost 4 Times and
the ending is very sad couldn't even imagine the pain he has gone through in the custody
during interrogation and that mental harrasment he has gone through have made him to
have massive heart attack and he has given lot of profit to people by his market skills and
even made profit to government really feeling sad for his last days may his soul rest in


Hii I have gone through in detail and really appreciate your efforts !!
Pls plan a page justice for Harshad mehta so that it outreach the mass !! And you get
justice and whatever best you deserve !!
Would really love to help you in any manner !!
Best wishes

Vivek Shah

Jai Jinendra!
There might be people saying that Shri Harshad Mehta did wrong things. I don't believe. I
always wanted to explore and know the truth. Which came out now due to your efforts
Jyoti ji..
I AM A SHAREHOLDER OF MAZDA LEASING. My house expenses were fulfilled by
profits from Mazda Leasing, ACC, McLeod Russel, Harrison Malayala, etc.
Though it's not mentioned here in this website, I remember, Rasila baa had kept a maanta
for Harshad ji, that she will offer Sukhdi at Mahudi temple, Mahudi, Gujarat, upon release
of Harshad ji.
I was impatiently waiting, thirsty, longing, breathless and eager for all this clear
information to come out. This revelation of yours should bring out many things from past.
And this should open eyes of law and system for an unbiased and non-partial judiciary
system. I also remember the golden glory of the Mehta's, and the famous Lexus LS400.
Harshad ji used to keep almost 4-5 mobile phones.
It would sound very direct and you might have heard from many people as well, but still I
would like to tell you, I would like to meet you and Aatur ji atleast once. I understand the
privacy and confidentiality. Purpose of meeting shall be nowhere related to the Family and
Harshad Ji's past, as bad memories should be forgotten and not recollected.
About me, I am an Stock Investor cum Trader. Coming from a Gujarati Jain Family.
In this text, if anything has hurt your sentiments, or any wrong information I am having
that I have written above, then Michhami Dukkadam.

Tanya Sharma

when i saw series i knew it. that was all wrong coz of enemies and politicians and greedy
for award SUCHITA DALAL plan. all that , and thats why i saw 4 episode .... dont worry
karma is here and nahi toh uper god hai


I trust you , sad part is suchita dalal jaise log ek award and promotion k liye kisi Ki life
khrab karte hai and politicians k liye paid reporter work krte hai

Gaurav Sharma

Hello ma'am .
How are you?

Piyush Kaushal

As I'm in the stock market since 8 yrs and I know the value of a gem which india has
losted before 20 yrs ago.

Amit Sharma

Reading and still reading "the other side of legendary "Real Big Bull". Of what all I read
so far, I am too small a personality to comment on him and his investment journey, but I
can surely say one thing........"He made his biggest investment of his life in that Navratra
Dandia and now that investment of Navratra dandia is giving his best profit, dividend,
bonus or whatever....He must be smiling from above seeing how u washed or trying to
wash the mud from his name.....Big respect for you the way yo came out so that "Harshad
Mehta never dies."
Thanks and Regards,
Amit Sharma

Parag H Doshi


Ujjwal Somani

good evening ma'am
i can explain much pain I felt reading the life story. The amount of courage Ashwin bhai
and you showed was commendable. I started my factory after watching scam 1992. I feel
so inspired by Mr Harshad Mehta. his vision and hard work to rise from poverty to a
successful person moved me completely. I don't know how we as people can help you, but
Ill pray for your family, and Harshad Mehta was a HERO.


not guilty until proved. everything will be alright we all are with yoy


Muje laga hi tha mam ke kuch to sajish hai unke maut ke piche jo der ki gai vo muje bhi
laga hi tha ki shayad aisa kuch hua ho shayad par aap ki bato se lag raha hai ki aisa hua ho

Lovish Sharma

Hi there
Hope you are doing well. I'm Lovish and I'm writing this email to show my interest in
redesign your website.
Harshad Mehta was an inspiration for me from my childhood. I'm Web developer and
stock trader from Last 3 years. Recently i observed your great idea to express your words
publicly with the website it's really an magnificent way to bring the
reality in public.
I would like to contribute in your work. As a web developer i can redesign your website,
whole pages in more accurate and responsive way. So that each viewer understand All fact
and conclusion perfectly regarding the Harshad Mehta Case. I want to do this work free of
I would like to contribute something from my side Just as a wellwisher.
Thankyou for read my mail
= Your faithfully
Lovish Sharma

Nafe Chinde

What I think is we humans will keep on making mistakes but the details you have
presented will make an investor/general public reconsider their biases we have that we
need an Individual/group to be held responsible for everything which is wrong with our
Society should become more individualistic where they themselves are responsible for the
risks they take whether those risks affect their Lives/Investments.
I'll say more power to you/your family, and the best response against those powers who
tortured you will be to restart PMS/Fund managerial services.

Crypto Anon

Hello Mam I'm from Andhra Pradesh i am big fan of harshad mehta sir . I'm here after watching your website , can you please please send me harshad mehta sir's rare photos and videos. please please please send me mam 🙏 . I'm big fan of Harshad Sir.

Thank you

Shivanagouda Patil

Harshad sir is all time hero for me




Pl. Hindi language all information . I don't Redding English so pl. Hindi optional language

Khushal Shah

Dear Madam,
Hope you are well
The Site is perfect but want to suggest that should upload a videos n pictures it will he
more easy.
Also suggest you to launch a book for same.
Best of luck
Khushal shah

Khushal Shah

God bless you n family
He was a gentleman
Guju bhai che
Always rocks

Akash Jha

I want to meet Mrs. Jyoti Mehta. Though I'm not a reporter, I'm an Engineering student.
and I'm very much impressed by Mr. Harshad Mehta.

Vinay Kothari

Mam really Harshad was a great man mam ..No one likes Rakesh jhunjhunwala or Rakesh
damani they are pure shit ..i love Harshad Mehta and he will always be my inspiration in
doing any work ..i want your son to know that ..we would love to see you to come to stock
To your son
Sir pls to social media start giving commentry in news channel ..we would belive harshad
sir is alive in you
We love you Mehta's
My warm wishesh to you
One thing for harshad sir ..he did a great job for his economy..i hope all these allegations
are thrown into dustbin ..and you get 1000000000000000000 crores from all the banks
..and you come back to Mumbai to the same house where you lived..and you buy a he loved Lexus ..

Dinesh Kumar

Your family is very brave and your husband is not a criminal

Adhinath BJ

Mamm plz ur suggest the how to invest the stocks the company's suggest


Thanks for sharing this ma'am

ADINATH jakanor

Harshad mehta sir was very intlgent person and good stock broker prenst generation stock
market invest does the inspertion so tq ur share market life

Pratham Sachdeva

You and your husband is always right and one day you will get justice and your husband

Moryans Makwana

I am interested journey of his life but i want read in hindi & Gujarati language.

Priyank Prajapati

He is my inspiration, i can relate to sir biography and i have same hunger like sir have

Tejas Shivale

Hello mam , Tejas these side.I was in 10th std when I got to know about our real life big bull
harshad meheta.I thought he really has done scam and is allegedly involve in it. But when I went
dip into it and understood that these is indian dirty politics.
Now after 20 years you came out and spoke the truth , everyone who thinks that harshad
meheta is guilty should know that what is the bitter truth behind it.

Samir Shaikh

He is king of stock market. The BIG BULL.
I Watched scam 1992 film, then i realised who is Harshad Mehta, Harshad Mehta has
grown up on his own. Harshad Mehta was a superhero for a common man. But for some
reason I got stuck in that trouble because of some loopholes. He was a very big man, and
all this he is called THE BIG BULL because of his hard work, his passion.
I loved dialogue like :-
Mehrana rajma market majama, RISK HAI TO ISHQ,. And. Apko pata hai Mera sabse
bada gunah kya hai, ki mai Harshad Mehta hoon
Big respect for


Om shati.. first of all Tremendous effort done by you and Mehtas. Thanks for share the
truth cz it's not a scam... Stay strong Madam we'll with u

Utsav Pathak

Mam you and sir is our inspiration.

Yash Agarwal

Harshad Mehta was a legend. Even after so many years I still watch his videos and try to
get as much knowledge as I can get about him and his family. After going through all the
facts and messages and videos I believe that he shouldn’t be named as scamster. Wish he
was alive he would have taken stock market to great heights. I also have a huge respect for
miss Jyoti Mehta and family to be bold enough to go through all these. I wish the nations
reads and go through the page “Harshad” and know the truth.

Pakre Anil

It's unbelievable mam...Shanti for Mehta sir....


My heart aches to see how much you guys have faced in these years. I can only say
"Bhagwan Sab Dekhta Hai".You will get justice soon...All the love and blessings to you..

Ramesh Nair

Yes without your lengthy presentation also it is very transparent that It's the entire filthy
system which has really hurt the Mehta family.Judicial,banks,media all are the culprits of
taking undue advantage of people's misery and mint money out of it.The media reporter
who claims to be a humanitarian still is minting money in the name of Mr.Harshad
Mehta.Shame on her.


Harshad Mehta is my HERO and my idol.

Chaitanya Meshram

Hi Jyoti ji,
I may not be old enough to understand the stock market or the business, but I understand the importance of truth.
I salute you for this bold move, it takes courage and years to build evidence and wait for the correct time to show the world the right thing.
I think our system needs this kind of move to be awaken from their false dream because they don’t like reality.Putting evidence, original documents and facts in front of nation public is a must in todays time. I am ashamed of our system that pull down a self made man because of his success and makes a family suffer.
There would be millions of people who will read your story and lighten with the facts and our disgusting system.
We support you!
Chaitanya Meshram


Have not gone through whole site yet. But I believed your husband to be innocent and did
use the loop holes of the system , for which the bank officers were guilty and he was ready
to pay back was equally known to me as I was active in stocks those days. I also know that
he was not given a chance to pay back.
This was must and the hypocrate govt officers must be punished through legal proceedings
by you, is my feeling.
If the site has a gujarati option, would have been better. or say multilingual support.
Because whole India has to know the truth in their local languages too; the grassroot
people have very wrong impression about Harshad; to tell you the truth, even i feel bad
while someone says about it. I dont want to use the word either what they say as i donot
feel it to be right.
Good effort and keep it up, Jyotiben.

Suraj Purohit

Hats Off to you mam, You are a Fighter.
Jyoti mam i suggest you to sit with Netflix india team and make series on Your side of the
i am huge fan Harshad bhai ....
is it possible that you can share more images of Harshadbhai.....
i just love his eyes

Achal Patel

Respected Family Member of Harshad Mehta ,
I am Achal Pipaliya From Rajkot,Gujarat.i am from the middle class family. I am doing my M.Sc.
Degree. I am so eager about the story of truly legend HARSHAD MEHTA.
I even thought tha HARSHAD MEHTA was not a Scamster but HE WAS A TRUE LEGEND ,
I have only to ideals of my life one HONOURABLE SHRI RATAN TATA AND HONOURABLE
SHRI HARSHAD MEHTA . If he has been been alive then I have only want to meet 2 person that i mentioned.
Since, I read the true story about HARSHAD MEHTA , my eyes are full of tears that how the person is
so calm , respectable , visionary , honest and helper to the middle class and lower class family.
I wanted to explore the family of HARSHAD MEHTA. As now I felt so guilty for your family to see in
3 decades this trouble to knew by your website and I am writing this email to you.
I have the exact same vision as the HARSHAD MEHTA have. As Him words becomes true now a
days. I also wanted to become the person like HARSHAD MEHTA bcz of his ethics and moral of his life. I am so little to praise HARSHAD MEHTA duty and his work but i truly the fan of his life. I have the same vision to bring my family up as possible as and become the ideal for the people of my country.
I want to more explore the LIFE EVENT’s of HARSHAD MEHTA. And followed up his path. If you
can able to reply this mail then I kindly request you to just reply my this effort. This is the only way to attach with you and your family to live my ideal in me HARSHAD MEHTA.
As now I am so younger to say that If GOD gives me this golden opportunity Then I would become
And then I want to tell the whole nation that THE HARSHAD MEHTA WAS GOD HIMSELF for
lower & middle class NOT A SCAMMER. I want to fullfill the DREAMS of HARSHAD MEHTA for the
NATION and the family And truly necessary people to bring them up and to dream big.
I want to help as much as people that i seen them in trouble. My eyes were full pf tears and feelings
guilty when i see them in trouble and I can’t do for that even THE CORRUPT POLITICS.
I am continuously thinkin after the web series i watched that HARSHAD MEHTA WILL HAVE
public and breaks the trust towards HARSHAD MEHTA.
I can’t that much of capable to tell about HARSHAD MEHTA BECASE NO ONE CAN KNOWS
You are feeling very proud of that. Now I don’t know where exactly you are living in INDIA or other countries But I want to meet You and Ashwin Mehta sir bcz that was my DREAM but by this email I want to connect with you ma’am.
If God gives me any how opportunity to meet you then I would die but don’t want to miss.
However, I have no words to write perfect words for the legend to describe how He impact my life to
I want to become next to him. If I made a mistake to describe him then kindly forgive me and give me a chance to meet it was like heaven I know it was just next to impossible but could you please reply my email and my first effort to write an email to such a iconic family of the INDIAN HISTORY. Lastly I am not hesitate to saying that I WOULD BE THE NEXT HARSHAD MEHTA OF THE
INDIAN HISTORY.. but it would be only possible by your support without support its just impossible task for me.
I want to know about the Theory of HARSHAD MEHTA for choosing this adorable and unbelievable
returns for over the time and choosing the company for investment.
I am thankful for you to share such a true events of HARSHAD MEHTA’s life and I want to in
contact with you any ways that possible for my growth and my vision towards The nation and the poor families.
So , please please please I humble request you to give me some reply to this mail or contact me
throughout any ways that tou would like to contact.
I am eagerly waiting for your kind reply.

Thank you

As Your Child ,
Achal Pipaliya


Really missing of Indian financial maker and Real Hero of stock market...
He is true inspiration of my trading and stock market knowledge


Full support ma'am

Adnan Shamir Ahmed

Respected Miss.Mehta
Very nice contents about Harshad Mehta in your website. May the universe bless you with
peace and happiness.
Note:- Your contact link is not working on your website. Kindly fix this bug.
Adnan Shamir Ahmed

Kunal Saini

Harshad Mehta is legend and i love him according to me he is not a scamster he was a
legend the person I hate the most is sucheta dalal and harshad sir made all the name amar
included in her case the India known sucheta dalal because of harshad and all his haters it
was not harshad fault it's system fault and harshad is legend and . Mam if you was reading
my comment i am also your big fan you supported harshad sir in all his bad situation and i
am now 17 and i also wanted to became big bull like harshad mehta love you harshad sir ..
you was always in my heart .

Ashutosh Vora

Hello Madam,
I have gone through some of part of your website...
I will go through whole website in my daily free time
Madam my question is WHAT WAS ROLE OF BANK OF KARAD in this so called
Ashutosh vora

Avinash Macharla

Jyothi Mehta Mam
I'm not from the era of Mr. Harshad Mehta but I have seen and read about him. Now after
seeing all the unknown facts and real story. It's been so heavy journey for you and your
Since we can't argue with all, I hope some people will know the real things from now on!!!
Wishing you a better and strong life ahead
Avinash Macharla

Kakashi X

What do you believe??
Who do you think is guilty.
Ps:i support harshad mehta

Sakir Rana

I stand with you

Himanshu Arora

Truth will come out. Truth will win.
Remember Lord Krishna's saying "Focus on the process, keep fighting"
You will surely win. Jai Shree Krishna
Good wishes to the family

Kunwar Rahul Singh

I seek justice for Harshad mehta and family. Government should intervene and question
the people running CBI and Tax department during the complete timeline, for framed

Parv Furia

Harshad Mehta was the best broker and Share market king


We belive in you mam.
May his soul rest in peace,
He is my motivation and inspiration to

Sai Naidu

The only person i took as a role model is your husband madam he is such a great guy .
If he is alive now i am the first guy who can follow in his own steps throughout my whole
life.He is the King of Indian economy in olden days who served the nation in economic
way . Everyday i see mr.mehta interview with nandy that gives the motivation without
seeing his face my day is not going complete.Hope your family lives happily throughout
your life . Lastly remember one thing mam "The Great Big Bull" is only one guy i.e
"Mr.Harshad Shantilal Mehtha"


Great efforts have been made to design this web site which provides each and every
material facts along with relevant documents relating to late Shri Harshad S Mehta. The
website is simple at the same time very informative. Really appreciate your efforts. All the

Dilip Kolhe

Simple Truth is , he is over speeding and overtake most of big fishes and this the main
reason ...

Rohan Bagul

from the last 3 years am continue searching on web about harshad sir and this is the true
information about my real man Hero The Big Bull Harshad Mehta.literally am crying after
this truth i don’t know about any one but yes my ideal in my life Harshad sir!
i would like to just say please upload some pictures of sir because want to see the great
man smiles will miss him on his birthday

Brajpal Singh

I am truly grateful that we got to know the true facts of that event. And Late shri Harshad
mehta was very genuine person and simple but he got caught in the game of elite people.
And they found easy to blame Late shri Harshad mehta for all crimes which he did not
commit. Wish he gets justice . Hope he rests in peace. Om shanti.

Mrinal Pramanik

Mam Please ise Hindi me v kigiye.

Shivam Sharma

Greetings of the day!
I just recently visited your website and skimmed through the content on
the website. I was stunned to learn that a lot of facts that were not posted by the Indian Media
Houses, that could’ve saved Harshad Sir’s life.
This email is with regards to curating a magazine on the facts you have quoted on and publishing it across India. I am a professional digital marketer by
qualification and I do curate magazines and get it published in hard copies. If you’re interested in
taking forward the conversation, you can revert back on this email or contact on +91

Saurabh Yeola

Harshad Mehta - The Real Hero !!


Hello mam, Piyush. I being a fan and most importantly a devotee of Harshad Mehta sir. I
also run a fan-page on Instagram ( @harshadmehta_fanpage ) as a tribute to the legend
Harshad Mehta sir. Thanks to his bull run and hot stock tips, it helped our family to earn
the first set of fortune and it helped us to clear our debts at a point of time. Thanks for
bringing in the true facts mam, the media has portrayed him like a criminal. This website
with the help of your efforts and evidences, helped to eliminate the rumours revolving
around HSM. Thank You Mam. I hope his soul is in a better place today. May his soul rest
in peace.

Mahesh Kannoli

Very Great person Harshad sir. we all love him and respect him.
He is always and inspiration for each one of us.
I truly liked me.
Mahesh Kannoli.

Ankit Baghel

Sb me koi na koi kami hoti bt jo kucha hua wo sahi nhi hua sb ko bolne ka Adhikar hai
mere ko lagta hai jo mai ne baat samjhi wo puru parivar ne kaise aapne aapko thik kiya
hoga wo wahi jatne hai main Prathna karta hun Unki Atma ko Shanti mile q ki 2001 me to
mai kucha samjhne like hi nhi tha the real hero shar market


Harshad sir did what Dhirubhai and tataas and biirlas were doing but out of a deep
conspiracy he was murdered . He showed everyone that one can achieve the heights of
success even if you have nothing. Harshad sir was a great man.

Anmol Jha

can i upload some of your videos on my channel, without any copyright strike


Good to know your thoughts
He was never villion / enemy of state
I support you as a participant of share market
May God bless you and your family


Namaste Jyoti Madam, I am yet to read full content but I am glad that you decided to
share it with us. We all Indians know very well how rotten our system is or how corrupt
our bureaucrats are. But they are powerful. Whatever it was, I wish you and your family
health and happiness.

Dr Jimmy

Nice to read the whole story .From my views he is not scamster , he truly works for his
clients .

Abhishek Enterprises

Hi this is Abhishek Goyal . I am from Uttarakhand, Dehradun.
I had seen your husband's movie scam 1992. After seeing that movie that great man
touches in my heart. With too much sacrifices he had gone through and your family too.
At the last scene of that movie i declared in myself that Mr. Harshad Mehta had not died
through single heart attack. He had not being brought to the hospital at time intentionally
either by political pressure from delhi to Jail else intentionally by the Thane Jail.
After reading your this article on the website it has been prooven to me too that he had not
died internally by his health problems naturally.
From the bottom of my heart i will say that Mr. Harshad Mehta is a legend man.He is not
like vijay malaya to excape and run from his liabilities.He is not a cheater.He has an
intension to always pays back rather than not to cheat and escape.

Mukesh Dixit

Hello Madam , Thank you for made this website to know about Mehta Sir .

Neel Shah

Harshad sir is very lucky to have a wife like you ma'am. We don't have any disrespect for
him nor hate. I used to respect harshad sir and I will respect him and you as well.

Victor Sheldin

Dear Ms. Mehta,
I am really inspired by our late Mehta sir and his life journey. We are with you mam.
We love him and we miss him alot too.
He is a role model for me to enter into the stocks. I personally got into stocks after
watching his short films (i would rather say in this way because, they didn't uncovered the
Thank you very much for revealing and enlightening me.


To be honest the Bengalis cannot be friends of our specially gujarati and after going
through while story I personally found that the Harshad sir was targeted by a Bengali
woman might she received the huge amount from the Citi Bank but who knows and I
found that Harshad sir was inocent but the whole plan of congress government and the CBI
to target Gujaratis


As per the narrative, the death of harsh Mehta seems more of a well crafted murder than
negligence, seemingly involving the concerned authorities.


Instead of this long Texts uou can add short video clips that will make people to listen in
more quantity.

Ashutosh Jain

No doubt in india becoming big is so problem for many evil minds . I Truly Trust That
There Have Been Many Loop Holes In This Case And Harshad Sir Was Framed For Many
Cases . But I Would Like To Share That Because Of Harshad Sir My Father Earned A
Small But Goof Amount Of Amount Of Money From The Share He Purchased Back in
1992 As We Are Middle Class Family And For Us Small Amount Is Also Big And I Am
Sure There have Been Many Of Them Out There Whose Lives Were Changed By Vision
Of Harshad Sir

Biken Prasad

Harshad Bhai was good person we feel. System was against him & he was cornered.
Just want to tell you that ppl love him for what Harshad Bhai was.
There will always be bad mouth. But we need to listen to good.

Purvi Sugandhi

I was just born when dear Harshad Mehta departed.
I have seen several versions of his story. And I AM GLAD to know your version of story
too. Just like others i haven't known him personally but I know he has been made the
SCAPEGOAT. I don't want his story to end like this . I want him to be free of all the
elegation and believe me mam every youth wants this , Everybody knows how much
wrong judiciary and media has been with him , and everybody cares for harshad Mehta and
his family. Even after huge attempts of media and judiciary we all have faith in harshad.
Please keep fighting for him and his innocence. I wish you luck and patience in this
One from millions of fans of Harshad, our hero.


There was a random post on a social media "Harshad Mehta son don't accept his father
because his father is scamster"
there were several comments like "ye toh hona hi tha ek baap chor nikla toh bete ko muhh
chupana pada or baap ko suekar tak nhi kr skta"
I was felt so bad after watching that post. Can you please throw some light on this post and
what you son actually doing now. If this is personal you don't wanna disclose it, its okay.

Ravi Vaghela

He was.. what he was.. no one can ever be..


Harshad Mehta sir is our inspiration


After the web series and now with writings in this website, seems purely a family dumped
under political pressure and games.


Really saddened by the whole turn out of events and inhuman ill treatment for the family
and Harshad Sir, but at the same time i am truly inspired by his journey in the markets..
If he were alive today, he would have been our Hero, better than Elon Musk of the U.S
Thanks for telling us the truth finally.. appreciate your effort..

Ashish Hasani

Maine apka article pada
Really inspiring
And aapki himat ki daat dene padege
Now i can feel
From what face of like you have been through
We support you
Will support always
Harshad mehta was hero for me
And if he was alive today
He would be no1 business man of india

Abhishek Kumar

big fan of hsm

Prakash Molake

I read the story of Harshadji Mehta written by you. Some points I understand but some are
difficult to understand as stock market. Because we don't know much about stock market
as like you.
Truly liked your efforts to defend Harshadji.
May God gives you strength.
All the best

Deep Bhatt

Hello, i visited in your website
I love this

Ashish Saha

Hope to see Ashwin bhaiya start investing with common traders and teach young investors
like me whatever he has learned from the family from where the god of stock market

Yash Arora

Respected jyoti ma’am
Hope you’re doing good.
In my view,you have stated all the facts and theories to prove the innocence of harshad sir and your family.
The website you are running should be engaged actively through campaigns on all social networking sites.
The web series and the movie do not state all the facts related to the case but are made for entertainment
purposes to keep the audience hooked.
The country needs to know all the real facts related to your case and there should be more traffic generated on
your site so that nationwide people can support you to help achieve your goals faster and with ease.
In today’s era everyone browses through social media n number of times a day,so by promoting the
website,people may come forward to support you to get justice and claim what is yours respectfully and in time.
If a spin off on the case can generate so much traffic just imagine how much the actual facts and figures may
intrigue the public.
The current views on the website is just around 0.8-0.9% of the total population of the country.
I may share the link all i can but you should definitely consider promoting it.
This is just my opinion and the rest is yours to decide.
Harshad sir may be gone but he’s not forgotten.
Your well wisher-Yash.

Vaibhav Sanwa

This was really awaited mam from many years. I really wish more and more people come
to know about the brutality you all have been facing from such a long time and also
Government should take strict actions regarding this. We are with you Mam.

Indra Desai

thank you for sharing this!

Krish Shrivastava

I can't explain my feelings in words one of the happiest day of my life that you read it
thanks mam

Abhishek Rai

Om Shaanti To The Legend hope we fans of the great big bull get justice soon more power
to you and your family

Rajneesh Singh

I pray & Hope for Justice to Harshad Mehta's Family. We stand with you. What ever was
done during that time is gone. Family should not be punished.

Harshad fan

There should be Webseries on struggle of HM's Family.

Krish Shrivastava

I was fortunate enough to know about the great harshad mehta he is truly an inspiration for
me and many like me and i hope someday i nay become a man like him unfortunately i
didn't had fortune to meet him but lots of love for you and you family

Shrey Modi

Deeply sorry for what the family has gone thru and I think Sir Harshad Mehta was falsely
accused by our judiciary system

Subir Roy Biswas

I appreciate your efforts to know real story of it ! & aslo condem the Issues Happened to
Harshad Mehta. I am a Big fan of Him

Bhushan Kesaria

Mam i and my family are with you we can understand how government agencies have
looted and i know i came from small family cant say that i can help you but mam if any
need just mail me i and my family members are with you and we pray for harsad sir

Pranav Time

Respected ma'am
Just read this from your website
Hence justice is needed
I am with u maam
Thank you

Adarsh Jain

Good Evening,
Any Type of help ,do you need !
I am with you.
Harshad Bhai is very inspirational person for me From my childhood.
Thank you.
Capt. Aayush Jain

Pritambar Muhuri

Hello mam,
I am Pritambar .I truly support your explanations, and i salute for your sacrifices for


when I heard name harshamehta my mind remember he is legend of stock market.

Bhavik Kanabar

Dear Ma'am,
After almost 30 years Mehta's have broken silence and published a website...
I was not able to read at once whole website since it contains lot of facts and circumstances
but after reading a little bit I literally went into 1992 and could imagine how these 30 years
would have passed by Mehta's and thousands of times Mehta's have been summoned and
appeared before court for justice but still it has not arrived!!!!
I am sure almighty will take care of everything and justice Will be granted!!!!
Really website is very good!!!
If I would get a chance I would really like to meet family of Mehta's...
Thanks and Regards,
Bhavik Kanabar.

HD Hunter

He's my Hero & my role model. God bless.

Durjoy Hoor

I want to know more about Harshad Mehta.
Big Fan of Mr. Mehta

Akshay Bhargaw

Whatever happened to all of you, I am as sad as you all.
I knew the truth is not what is being shown.
Many people have been slapped with this website, especially Sucheta Dalal.
Let me tell you one thing from my heart, Harshad sir is not and will never die, he was
always alive in our hearts and will remain
There is only one request to you with folded hands, please share all the photos and
videos{of harshad sir} available with you on this website.
I am a big fan of his and I hope you will definitely do this.
lots of love to you jyoti ji

Harminder Kaur

i have also seen web series Scam 1992 . But in place of judging the series . I have really
got very good lessons from Harshad sirs' life.
I am really motivated nd inspired from his story.
Now i have read all the info. Provided by ur side. I think it must be present in further
movies .. that would be made on him.
After all., Share business is very very risky (acc to me ) nd he did it well.!

Sumit jain

Jai jinedra... Time has done very bad to family as a member loss in family is most bad
thing If any thing I can do regarding Harshad Sir it will be honour... Very strong family Be
motivated & hope you will get what are the losses our government system has done


He is absolutely brilliant man .he formed a creative business ever..

Alpa Bhatt


Purvansh Thakur

finally the truth is here eagerly waiting for this from the family himself Harshad sir was
and always will be the inspiration for upcoming generation and salute to the family for this
type of courage you all are synonyms of courage strenght read the entire thing you have
written here madam jitna aapne or aapki family ne itni problems dekhi heee wo exactly
mahabharat me pandavo ne dekhi thi or unko at the end justice milaa and we all are
praying that your family will get justice too may god give you all the happiness good life
you missed in this long struggle Harshad sir and your family has given a reason to not give
up in any situation what life throws at us .... GOD GIVES HIS STRONGEST BATTLES
TO HIS STRONGEST SOLDIERS hope you will see this comment.... legends never dies

Dr Basnet

I am his big fan. Though I have never known about him until the series about his journey
came. I have not started reading now. I will comment once again after reading this.

Sai Ram

He is definitely a great man with a sad ending in his life. He would have done many great
things which could have brought a different glory to the nation in financial sector and
atleast now his last wishes are fulfilled and may his sole rests in peace.
Great Man To Be Remembered For The Nation.

Khatri Drashti


Maniya sagar

Respected ma’am,
After watching series I have this question nothing from your side is said, but then I think when
PM and other powerful people involved it’s maturity to stay quiet but I read whole story you
write and it’s really resonate with me, I hope your trouble finishes soon and god bless you

Rakshith Mohan Gowda

hello mam i feel pleased after reading from website


I think what happened to you and mehta family wasn't valid and there should be justice for
the same. I am not known to things in much deeper way but surely think that there was no
fault of Late Mr. Harshad Mehta. He wanted to do something good and at the end the main
aim was earning money and making other's earn that which was obviously not incorrect. I
wish you good luck in your journey and hope you get the justice soon.

Kewal Mehta

Even after 20 years of Our beloved Harshad Sirs demise , you stand firm defending him.
We are with you and we know that Harshad sir was not at fault
Harshad Sir has always been an inspiration to lakhs of people and genuinely speaking one of my biggest
I’m out of words giving a tribute to u Jyoti mam
You played a role as the most loving, caring and strongest wife, and after all the most strongest person
As the Mehta’s you all kept fighting for justice
Ashwin sir a great tribute to you too, inspite of so much repetition of court cases and hearings you stood firm
defending your brother! Harshad Mehta
Also very deep condolences on the demise of Shri Rasila Mehta
Thanking You
-Kewal Mehta

Pravesh Kumar

It was turning point
In the history of indian stocks market.
Only after that most
Lots got to know about
Indian stock market.

Shivam Sharma

hello mam
I am a big fan of Harshad sir and thank you for giving correct information about sir. I want
to meet you once

Paresh Shah

Respected Mam,
I have just gone thru website, which is launched by you, which reflects true facts about Late Shri Harshad
We have a due respect with your entire family members and Late Shri Harshad Mehta too.
My suggestions are as under.
હર્ષદ ભાઈ વિષે સાચ્ચું જાણવામાં માં ઘણા બધા ને રસ છે. ખાસ કરીને વેબ સિર ીઝ આવ્ યા પછી. તમે જે
વેબસાઈટ બનાવી છે , ઇંગલિશ માં છે, અને બધા ભારતીયો નું ઇંગલિશ એટલું પાક્કું નથી , કે તેઓ સાચી રીતે
વાંચી શકે અને સમજી શકે, તેથી મારુ સૂચન છે કે, વેબસાઈટ ના કન્ટેન્ટ નું ગુજરાતી / હિ ન્દી માં ભાષાંતર પણ
આપ , વેબસાઈટ ઉપર પબ્લ િશ કરો.
અમારા સહીત, ઘણા બધા લોકો એવું મને છે કે, હર્ષદ ભાઈ ને ફસાવવ ા માં આવેલ અને સુચેતા દલાલ પણ કોઈનો
હાથો બનેલી હતી.
તો અમારી નમ્ર વિનંતી છે કે , વેબસાઈટ ના , અત્યાર ના કન્ટેન્ટ નું અને ભવિષ્ ના કોઈ પણ કન્ટેન્ટ
નું ગુજરાતી / હિ ન્દી માં ભાષાંતર પણ મુકવામાં આવે.
More Power to You.
પરેશ એન. શાહ.
With Best Regards,
Paresh N. Shah
(Manage Your Time, Maximise Your Efficiency)

Gaurav Mishra

Fantabulous, You wrote, My best wishes with Mehta's family. Jab tak share market rahegi,
harshad sir ka name rahenge....All the very best

Rahul Manek

must say that it's the true story that I was looking since a
long time because a had an internal gut that there is something fishy in the
series/movie. Their story makes me feel that Mr. Harshad Mehta was the
underworld king of the world but they are wrong he was a genuine man in my
In this era, there is no one who doesn't want to become rich and in my life also I
experience situations where the team behind me goes off in a bad scenario
I support Mehta's family and I have some suggestions regarding the user
experience of the website
1. There can be an audio player where the bot will speak up the story written in
the article. This feature is very useful and used by giants nowadays like news
portals, bloggers, etc
2. There can be an increase in the width and change in a font which can make a
user easy to read and interactive
Let me know if you need to know more
Please it would honor for me to work on this portal, to be honest, I don't have any
expectations regarding money so don't keep that in mind
Waiting for your positive reply
Thank you
Rahul Manek


This is commendable job that Mehta family' have been done like it's been 20 years and no
one knows the real truth because everyone portrays late Shri Harshad Mehta wrong and
called it the scam 1992 biggest scam ever...yeh jyada se jyada logo tk pauchni chahiye and
everyone should know what actually happened....this story should have come earlier and
our blessings with Mehta family'.

Akshay Dubey

You are no less than Mr. Mehta. Words may not be able to tell how much I love and revere
both of you but I'll just say that it is Mr. Mehta who taught us to dream with our full might
and you who perfectly justifies that.
I visited Mumbai when I was 9 and still the glances of the skyscrapers makes me feel
mesmerized. Besides of planning to work in the city someday, I was intrigued by the point
that how was it possible.
You have gone through a lot and I pray that there is harmony standing at your doorstep
step inwards.
I pray for Aatur bhaiya as well as the poison that was there in the outer world is finishing
slowly and it's time to live life for him as high as Mr. Mehta wanted him to have.
Consider me touching your feet Ma'am.
May Mr. Mehta finally smile with pride now. Om Shanti.


I just read about how Mr. Harshad was accused of things he never did. It hurts a lot to even imagine being in
your place. I wish this website gives your grievance a closure. Stay Strong!

Adnan Bharuchi

Hello mam,
I am very happy to see website that tells us truth about harshad Mehta and genuinely I
respect that man very much. I have a one question from you all of this is going where are
you living I don't want your exact address but i want to know where Is your family in India
or out of it......

Vraj Shah

Glad to see coming up of truth to an amazing personality and a daring personality ever
born in the history of India. Only sentence to describe everything is "He was locked up. He
wasn't a false personality."
Hope his family be more strong to look forward.


Mr.harshad Mehta ..very much inspiring person for me..He is the real king/bull of
BSE...Hero of every kids who starts investing in stocks..RIP SIR...


Dont know if Harshad was a hero .. but Sucheta was definitely a dalal.

Dharamdeep Joshi


Dhaval chandravadiya

मेरी भगवान से एक ही परर्ना है की भगवान उनकी दिव आतम को सांति दे। हर्द मेहता की जीवन
यातर से मेरे जीवन आर्थ बदलाव हई है।मे उनका बहत बड़ आभारी ह।

Viraj Jain

Hey, we need new web series post Mr. Harshad Mehta's demise. Your family struggle
should be publicly shown in form if web series. We are all fan of Harshad Mehta and
really felt bad to hear that the struggle through which you have to go. Please, ask Anil
Kapoor or director Hansal Mehta to really start shooting a series which delivers your side
of story.

Nishant Kumar

Hello Joyti Ji,
I was completely unaware the the fact that No-Consent/approval has been take from your
family on the release of movies/series, Big Bull and Scam 1992 un-till I have gone though
your website. Thank you for presenting the actual facts.

A Victum

Harshad has done a lot of fraud and was directly responsible for the fall of several families
and lives. I know someone who is close to our family and committed suicide. I wonder
how come this website talks about Harshad without any shame and guilt. If at all there
were God, Harshad's soul never rest in peace!

Ankit Singh

He is not a story, he is and will be an inspiration for many.
Thank you ma'am

Krunal Tagadiya

Really a heart touching. Being a gujarati business family, can relate many things. God
bless evergreen king of indian share market.

Uttkarsh Ajmera

Dear Ma'am,
I Uttkarsh Ajmera from Bhilwara, Rajasthan,India wants to say that we are with you, we
know everyone i.e., the system, Ms Suchita Dalal etc were against Harshad Sir, that was
ridiculous how they treated him, I know Harshad Sir was not wrong in any manner.
Therefore, I request you to please come on Twitter, YouTube etc to share with all the
citizens of India your side of story too, we are with you, Suchita Dalal should be punished
for the false journalism
Please take care of yourself
Thanking you
Yours Sincerely
Uttkarsh Ajmera

Manpreet Kumar

You will get justice very soon.

Yashwanth Sai Singh

very happy to know the truth of harshad mehta atleast today july 2022, you know the truth
so you people should plan to take the truth to people and let them know what is the truth ,
my suggestion is to take a biopic of harshad in ur view as truth,now however he has a good

Ishan Das

Thank You for taking this bold step and coming out to speak for a legend. The State ,what
may ,shall refer to him as, but for many youngsters, teenagers , we are highly inspired by
the life, the sharp mind and the eye for detail Harshad bhai had. Thanks to the Webseries
that so many individuals have taken the time to go through Harshad bhai's life story and
the vindictive role played by the State to pose him as a Traitor , Gaddar back in the times.
I'm Ishan Das, 24yrs old. From, Guwahati,Assam.

Ankit Shah

After reading and knowing the truth and facts we support Late Mr Harshad S Mehta &
appreciate your strength to broadcast the truth to the people.
I understand that we cant bring back who is already gone but the myth of the Harshad
Mehta's image will surely be reversed from people's mind after knowing the actual truth.
May God Bless your family always.

Kashish Patel

I just want to say one thing, I'm 20 years old and now I want to become the next harshad
mehta. Not a 'scamster', a 'great player' for this country and of his own life.
Thank you!


A great man in world
In india
Indian iconomi is largest mehta ji in stoke market for the most popular in india and
the world o

Gaurav Tuli

With all due respect !! We miss harshad sir he was not scamster he is true business man
and no one gonna match him in another 100 decades we are with you and Mehta's.
Warm regards

Vaibhav Shettar

Its sad that this system makes an innocent as a criminal, I believe Harshad Mehta was a
good man, he had his own bullish strategies. I can clearly understand that he was trapped
by those corrupt officials. I just hope that no one else suffers like Harshad Mehta. May his
soul rest in peace.

Revival Andhra

Dear madam,
You done good job ,
I read full article and it had shocking facts that ppl don’t know what done, only family
members knows the truth.
Thank you for sharing truth madam,
Harshad Mehta is an inspiration For not only me for many trader’s and investors.
We all support you

Vishal Rastogi

Although the movie flashed back some memories we heard in our childhood the facts
always remain away the other side we all know it quite a well. We know it very clearly
that when we come to know the fact of other part or side than only its a balance illustration
of reality. The MONEY (either way) always attract some lecherous eye this time its well
known who were they * The Great Power Owners* ......
I personally feel that Mr. Mehta (to aaware us about the shares, bonds & some how the
horse trading running well before him) should have been awarded with India's pride as
Suchita (for doing nothing except a cheap popularity) was done, where she potraited only
what she was asked too & was awarded so, while a Man who made to learn what is Share
to almost every Indian was brutally punished by those who feared to be trapped for any
type of soft corner provided to Mr Mehta (How ever i do not know any but anyone can
guess it in this case).
The sympathy with Mehta family is obvious because they lost even those holdings too
which is in great value today it should be returned to them any way........!

Tanishq Mittal

This Whole explanation proves that Mr. Harshad Mehta was not guilty and whatever
happened to him and his family is not Justified , today if he were between us our Country
may be on another heights
Apart from all these he was the man with great hustles and huge knowledge , in our hearts
he didn't commited any fraud and it is not exactly what different movies and series are
Heartly condolence to his family and his absence can't be fullfill.


took me 2 days but I read the entire details also saw the web series scam 1992 since then I
have been fighting with people for my opinion. Harshad was the smartest investor of the
Bombay STOCK EXCHANGE the Indian government and the reserve bank of india had
loopholes and major ones no one could find out about them except Harshad it was never a
SCAM it was the government who was at fault I always supported Harshad today as the
completed reading about the truth behind Harshad's death I certainly believe it was brutal
murder accounted to be a natural death, who Is responsible for this SCAM the Indian
government of 1992 the most corrupt year of Indian history.
thank you Jyoti for speaking up


It's amazing, the step that you took after so long. but yes it's worth it.
I wish great life for you and your beloved ones.
And pray for Harshad's soul to rest in peace.
Take Care.
Also in case, you need any help in Designing and stuff. I'll be much pleased to help you
from my end free of charge as a gesture, as I am a Professional in Designing.

Yash Kadiya

So happy to hear that after so many years you come up to defend because India needs to
know the reality that he wasn't an scamster it was the whole bussines during 90's but he
was only targeted by then govt of Congress just to make clean image of then prime
minister p.v narsimha rao lots of love & respect for you sending lots of love!! Love from


Hello mam,
I request you to. Btw Information is good. But some people are not much read in English
like me.
So please add option in Hindi . Should be available option convert into Hindi. That's why
all people can easily read.
Thank you.
God bless you

Ajit Singh

Hello mam, this is ajit singh. I am an entrepreneur and currently working on my startup. We are already funded
by Microsoft of worth 1,40,000 $. And For the execution and development team, We need some more funds.
Mam, will you invest in my startup.
Name- ajit singh (CEO and Founder)

Devansh Kothari

Dear ma'am
If any help is required , although you guys will manage but still please feel free to reply to
this email .
Thanks & Regards
Devansh Kothari

Devansh Kothari

Dear ma'am
Sir was a legend , we'll never forget all his contributions for India.
We're always with you , always
Take care ma'am. Hope you and Atur are doing well .
Thank you
Yours sincerely
Devansh Kothari

Abhishek Soni

Harshad was a real hero! And always will be.
Our solely support to his family.

Humanshu Ahuja

Respected Ma'am,
I wish you all the best for your future journey, I read the journey and I really appreciate
after going through all these days you have stayed strong all the while.
Sir Harshad Mehta was really an amazing person I have heard about. He had big dreams,
which he fulfilled during his life.
If there is any way I could help you do reply me back.
It will be my pleasure to work for such honorable guest.
I respect the entire Mehta Family who had been stayed strong after all this.
Himanshu Ahuja

Prajapati Ashish S

Compared to other scammer of our india like "nirav modi" & "vijay malya" and many
more others due to them harm india's Economically also whole nation people suffering due
to those scam,
But "Harshad Mehta" was not scammer but "Smart User" of system which help himself &
whole share investor & users & make market fast grow up , IF in system ''loop hole" then
only goverment is responsible not one person.
( Example: if we have discount coupon which used once but we apply it multiple times so
user are not blammed for it).
So overall "Harshad" is "Diamond of Market".

Aman Lamba

Rip to mr Harshad mehta. I appreciate what he did for normal middle class people. Even in
that days my dad make big profit because of Harshad sir. What ever happened with him is
wrong. For me he is never a scammer

Vandan Sheth

Till date what amount of money did you recieve from the authorities

Gopesh Kumar Behera

It is very much disappointing to see how our judicial system let Harshad die behind the
bars. It would be very difficult for the family to bear such a huge loss at a point of time
where everything had been seized and blocked. If Harshad would have been alive today he
might be among the richest person’s list. I hope Harshad would be very happy to see her
wife fighting back after 20 years.

Vimal Joshi

Ifirst of all thank you and I am so glad to see this website. I just started to read but can't
stay to comment you, i don't know how many times I saw Mr. Harshad's interviews, i
always look him a real hero of Indian stock market. He's the one who on the torch at stock
market and not only self made big bull, instead entire here I am with him
awaiting justice to mr. Mehta and entire family and loved ones. God be with you..

Jyotiraditya Panigrahi

I'm sure that the index would be doubled today if the big bull was here.

Chirag Jain

We all love Harshad bhai and he remains hero for all time
Always love and support to mehta’s

Wish not to disclose

Well after the epic drama the family is blessed with money and a scamster is labelled as
What about the shareholders who lost their saving family prestige even life due to scam of
Donation to ministers and then when not got any revival or relief calling media
Multiple ppl lost everything and their families are still carrying that scare that is on their
Neither I'm an highly educated person nor a professional
But what happened could never be justified
Sab bade log back jare hai
Chota aadmi aam admi Marta hai
Research acc mai kaunsi research Karli woh bhi share Karo
300 ka share 10000 company ka profit kitna bada turnover kitni badi
Don't make a fool out of ppl
Ur sweet words are just to gain sympathy and so speak all ur heart out atleast from my end
it's useless
No sympathy


The website is just Amazing I am also Gujarati and your efforts are just Amazing and all
the proof etc are just legit you're as amazing as HARSHAD BHAI, GOD BLESS YOU


Harshad Mehta sir was a kind men i Heard lots of real stories by my uncle he used to trade
in stock market that time he said Harshad was a kind men with a golden heart he used to
help everybody he was like " ye leke rakhlo do mahina bhul jao gadi lo toh mithai zarur
khila Dena " he was a gem Uncle said many people many earned lots of money because of
Harshad "harshad bhai ki bat alag thi vo galat nahi tha bs politics me dhoka mil gya gya
use varna aj vo India ko sone ki chidiya toh dur hiraa ki chidiya bana dia Harshad harshad
tha "
And i don't know your current situation but ya I can pray that you will get justice asap god
bless you and family bappa jaldi se sab thik kar denge
And remember that your husband was a king and once a king always a king


its so sad that missing genius like harshad mehta ji, his vision towards indian stock market
is great and i strongly believe that our present market might be in even more better position
if we had him.
thank you for sharing the other true side of the coin.

Satish Bokadia

it was very painful to hear the sufferings by your family after the demise of Harshad
Mehta. It is very miserable for a family to fight against the system without financial
resources and illegal tax demands from authorities and very slow judicial process. We
would have not know of the facts you would have not published the evidences and orders
in public domain. though i have read the revised edition book The Scam By sucheta dalal
and inspite reading i had a gut feeling that some conspiracy was implanted to fix Harshad
metha control over investor. In 1993 , I was 14 and harshad mehta was a darling gossip
topic in family circles. i coould not understand how miserable your kids must have grown
all these years. Really those involved would be punished by law of Karma. wish your
family happy future and refund of 20000 crore with interest from govt as they are
dutibound .
Satish bokadia

Dhruv Raj

Hello mam i am a big fan of your husband and he was a very talented and hardworking man , who came to
mumbai for completing his dreams . And we all know that whatever had happened with him and what you and
your family had faced is not fair because that was not a scam . That is the game of opposition and tha ministers
of the country . I Dhruv Raj , giving a big salute to you and your family because you knew the truth but you had
faced it and now you had break the silence so that the whole world can know about tha truth . I am a big fan
mam .
Pls mam don’t ignore me ,
Pls reply mam

Rishabh Kumar

big fan even i invest big amount and lost, but i believe harshad bhai my mota bhai RIP god
bless you bhabhi ji take care .
rishabh kumar

Shailendra Rangnath Adke

हम पहले से जाणते थे हर्दजी नही असली गुनाहगार सुचितर है | पर हम ठहरे संत तो इस विषय पर
कय बोल सकते थे | परंतु आज आपका दर् जानकर बहत दुःख हआ | हम ईशरसे परर ्ना करते है बहन्
कि सत के साथ रहे और असत का नाश हो |
संत शैलेद महाराज
जंगली महाराज आशम
कोकमठाण शि रड

Raman Das

Would like to see the truth prevailed. I am a student pursuing CFA currently. I read the
Book 'Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts' by Mr. Santosh Nair. There were lot of such
manipulations done back in the 90s because of weak laws but according to me that was
justified as foreign markets had the same thing. Why only Mr. Harshad Mehta was put into
the main picture while others were not if what they claim to be a so called 'SCAM'. I feel
Ms. Suchita wanted to rise to fame by using the name of Mr. Harshad as he was the most
talked about person that time.

Gaurav Dhingra

I have just one word Superhero
Harshad Mehta India k liye gem sabit ho sakta tha in fact In my views wo gem the..
specially salute unki family k liye.
God bless you all

Yogesh Bhanderi

Amazing know any word me


I truly believe one person was targeted and have been framed to protect many big people
involed in this and sir harshad has been used a escape goat. I feel very sorry for him .

Binda Jain

I try to find all of your family from last long time ,
I also busy in my schedule so i try my level best to find one of you and today I just saw the
massage from some one who know i find all of you .. i read some points of web ,
We believe Harshad sir is innocent and this all drama made by rolling political party and
politician at that time , there is no need to worry about Harshad sir image and credential ..
we all are love him much as like before and we believe in him .. there is no doubt in it …
your try is very appreciative.. and really you all are very courageous and strong people
who absorb this all political punishment .. we are salute you all , love for harshad sir .. feel
free to contact me on my id any time .. i m always there for all of your family .. thnx .. love
for all , pray for all .. love for Harshad sir .. too .. much ..
Regards , Binda Jain …

Pranav Tyagi

Hello Mam , I came to know about Harshad Sir via The Web Series and even though he
was portrayed as a villain , I liked him a lot , He is an inspiration to me . Its not easy to
achieve so much in life in such short duration and going from rags to riches , and
according to me he was innocent that's why he stayed in India unlike Vijay Mallya ,
Neerav Modi and all others , May his Soul Rest in Peace and Hope he gets Justice , More
power to you Mam

Kunal Bankapur

He was a living legend and a example for many young generation may his soul rest in

Karuna D Jangid

Thank you so much Ma'am for unfolding the real truth in front of us. Now we all can get to
see how a person who always obey the laws, can be picturised as a Scamster, by these so
called media and Government officials. From the bottom of my heart I feel that Mr.
Harshad Mehta is not a Scamster. He was the and will be the only BIG BULL of the Dalal

Karuna Jangid

Jai Shri Krishna. Ma'am I got tears in my eyes while reading the whole truth . But hatts off
to you and all your family members,how you overcome all this and not Stopped the fight
against the injustice. It literally made me think that how an un guilty family can be made
guilty by the Government officials and the so called media . Thank you ma'am for telling
us the whole truth. I greatly feel from the bottom of my heart that Harshad Mehta Sir is not
a Scamster .

Dr Disha Ramani

We all understand how our system works , punishing Mr Harshad for his intelligence and
smartness is totally wrong and he is our hero ma’am we stand by you against the law


Harshad Mehta always gives goosebumps to me. Its sad we lost him in mysterious way but
everyone knows deep inside that it was all poilitics.
May the legend rest in peace.

Jophit Paul

Dear Madam,
Your husband was a hero and still my hero in share market.He really gave the inspiration
for a common man like me to aim for stars.Now me and my wife earns constantly from
share market.Whatever the world says harshad sir is always the big bull and king of
market.I still belive in his policy "profit is the key"
Jophit Paul

Sagar Patel

he is a hero for me,if i get a chance to meet hi family surely i will it s dream for me

Saujanya Gupta

Hello Mam,
My name is Saujanya Gupta. I have read everything you published on the website. I'm now
convinced that Harshad Mehta wasn't a bad fellow. He was just doing what was done by
everyone else at Dalal Street. His only mistake was being a hardcore capitalist in a failed
socialist country. They managed to pull him down successfully. Look at the condition of
other brokers who use to follow the same practice and are free with no case or allegations.
Just wanted to tell you that India is with you and your family. Face the nation and its
media otherwise, they will keep spreading baseless rumors like ever before, and yeah
Harshad Bhai was a hero may his soul REST In PEACE.
Thank You

Meet Bhimani

we deeply sad

Pradeep Kumar Sahu

good job

Kenil Desai

Already suspicios about the harshad mehta story by ms.sucheta dalal but somehow not
getting enogh fair information but
now clarified about reality of man of integrity.. feel proud to your husband mam

Amar Vanak

Dear medam
He was the top tax payer in india in 90’s just more than Dhirubhai ambani. He would be
world's richest for sure even more than ambani

Rishi Pastel Art

Harshad mehta is not a Scamer. He is a big Business man. And Harshad Uncle is always in
our Heart.. Jyoti Kaki . ( Im from Gujarat, Rishi)

Vaibhav Bhatt

Jyoti Ben this is the real tribute to Harshad Bhai, it takes lots of guts and courage to come
forward and open the curtain so that all those brainless people who assume and keep
barking unknown things will shut their mouth. also now every one will come to now the
truth via. facts & judgments shared on this website, Person like me are the students of 1992
who learned and understood meaning of Investing Harshad Bhai is idol for us he is the real
hero and a mammoth of dalal street wolves had to struggle and plan dirty games to bring
him down but we will always be proud of HM sir and I will always remember him as guru.
_/\_ Jai Shri Krishna Jai Jinendra _/\_

Vishal Abbasi

Hello mam

Dipen Acharya

I am 25 year's old and At 1992 i am not even on earth but i only know that What is said by
Shree Harshad Sir About Market is genuinely true. I come to know about true facts of
security transaction after reading all the things written on website. I am actively in Market
Since 7 year's And I genuinely support that Some person will bring down A man if he
wants to change the mentality of others. I think all the Mehta Family is very well known
about this and i am no one to share opinion about shree Harshad Sir because i don't about
others but i think Shree Harshad was Great. I don't know any of Mehta Family personally
but Major salute to family That All of you are still Fighting for truth. I genuinely Adore all
of you and I pray for All the Mehta's.


Hello Jyothi Mam, my name is Nithish from Bengaluru, Karnataka. I am delighted to see
you break silence regarding the discrimination happened to Harshad Mehta sir in 1990s. I
was wondering and agree to your point in your blog that even Kasab was given legal
opportunity to fight, but not to Harshad sir, I was frustrated with the judiciary. In the
modern days, those who have done scam of 6000 crore, 91000 crore are scot-free enjoying
luxuries. I am proud that Harshad sir has exposed the loopholes existed in SEBI and woke
up SEBI to be active when it was sleeping and was namesake in fact.
I watched Scam 1992 and felt bad about the last moments of Harshad sir. All I can do is to
pray for your family's peace and well being.


no words to say, he is the inspiration of many wise mans


Hello Mam,
I was curious to know more about Harshad Mehta sir, this website has all.
Thank you for bringing out this
Mam I am a Finance content creator with 95 thousand+ followers would like to connect
with you.
Thank you

Mukesh Ghyar

May their souls find peace
As per web series
If it were today, people would have understood the stock market sooner?

Jaspal Singh

Dear Mrs. Mehta,
Firstly I want to share that Late Mr. Harshad Mehta was a great investor and entrepreneur.
I was very young in 90s so I did not know about him much till 2010 when I start investing
in market. It is sad that corrupt Indian government and officials killed a true entrepreneur.
Mr. Mehta did not bow to these people.
I wish you success in this battle. Great to see that you did not lose hope. I also feel that it is
important to show true side of this great visionary. You should create a documentary to
show his vision and leadership. This is great tribute to this hero and also to ensure that his
legacy is continued and remembered.
My prayers are with family.
Jaspal Singh
Toronto, Canada
With Kind Regards,
Jaspal Singh
UITP - Advancing Public Transport

Chirag Jain

I have 2-3 questions regarding case and Harshad sir can I ask them , Please Reply!

Chirag Jain

I have 4-5 questions regarding the case and Harshad sir , Please reply!

Chinmay Kothari

Ms.jyoti madam and mehta family.
It's was hardhadbhais vision and ultra hard efforts that u could achive so much as a gujrati
family in mumbai.
May be stars or luck but fm this second w/o.any guilt can start a fresh life forgetting the
past. Good luck to your son. History and empire created will be remembered for next many
years to come.all the best goodluck

Krish Gupta

This is my second mail regarding help from u mam Or sir. Idk who have access. But as it's
provided at the bottom of website if must be handled by someone. Just wanted to say I am
a big fan of harshad mehta. I am not sugar coating. It's just I saw web series. Mujhe tabh se
hi dimag mai tha ki aap kaha hoge. Obviously ye toh mai pakka tha you are alive. Mai yahi
soachta tha ki aapne ye series dekhi hogi kya... And I have like endless questions. Like
what is atur doing.
Just needed your help in some financial basis. If I could just get some money. Like I will
be blessed. I am mostly sure I'll not get reply on this, but still I am trying because everyday
I have to struggle to make my family eat some food. If you could help. Just reply to this I'll
not even share one screen shot of this obviously I don't want to tell everyone. I'll drop my
Thank you
Regard krish
Harshad mehtas biggest fan

Krish Gupta

Harshad is alive in our heart. We want to become like him. Rich, economically mentally
fit. He was one of the greatest minds of india. Rags to richest. I know how it feels to be
poor as I am. I just wanted to request you. If I could get some money. Even thousands of ₹
will help me. I am in the same conditions in which u were before harshad sir entered stock
market. Just wanted some money so to help my parents. I know u will think ki ye kon
aagya. But if u could help ne just a little bit. Would love it mam
Krish Gupta
(Want to become like your husband)

Gaurav Vohra

I know what happened with you all in last 3 decades was very bad but this story of your
side needs to reach to each and every person and specially to those who had watched that
web series and movies , I had read your full story and I on my side suggest you to make a
stand on your side by giving permission to make webseries or movie which you talked
starring anil sir
Hoping for a good , bright and healthy future ahead

Amaan Khan

Mam we are with you I am a big fan of Harshad bro, wrong with Harshad bro we want

Yash Singh

Thank you mam for bringing this out to us. Was curious about this. Mam I am a content
creator would love to spread this content thank you

Pradeep N

Hi Jyoti Mehta Madam,
How are you madam,
I am Pradeep, i seen 1992 web series, it was very good, but bad is i can't see last
movements because i am feeling crying when i seen last movements because one person
has planned lot it was very good
And i am very much interested to read Mr.Harshad sir story and i defferently read this
After watching scam 1992 movie i entered in share market but i am suffering with loss,
every time if profit/loss i will enjoy with listening SCAM 1992 music, i am set as my
ringtone also because it is motivating me,i am very much interested to read the life story
Once i read the story i will definitely comment again
Thanks for the informations and site developer

Ashita Goyal

Hello ma'am,
I don't know what to believe and what not to believe. Indeed, a commoner will never get to
know what happened. Was your husband used as a scapegoat or not will remain a mystery.
But kiddos to all the support and loyalty you and your family have shown towards your
husband. I admire the battles you and Mr Ashwin fought. I know it must be hard but Thank
you for coming up with this website. Great efforts

Stock Archery

I am literally astonished what u wrote and provided us with. First of all it's very brave of u
thag u stood up on this. Harshad mehta was and still is evey middle class's dream, and
every corrupted persons enemy. If harshad mehta wanted to be bad or Tu do scam he could
also have ran away that time. And that time india was not developed which could lead to a
lot of damage to growing economy of india. We support harshad mehta and you.
Thank you for making this website.
Regards stock archery, dream to become like harshad mehta

Sandip Singh

संघर् हमेशा ही लक परप करता है I इस संघर् और नयय पाने की लड़ई को जिस पकार आपने
परिवार को संगठित करके लड़ है वो तारीफ के योग है I जिन Harshad Mehta जी को सरकार से
पशंसा परप होना चाहि था उनह मि ली बदनामी और दर् I नयय तंत की सुसत से आज भी पूरा सच
सामन े नही ंआ पाया है I Harshad Mehta जी के नाम को जाने कि तने लोग आज भी अपने फायदे के
लि ईसतमाल करते है I आप को बधाई कि देर से ही सही असली तथ और कहानी आप जनता के
सामने लेकर आई I ईशर से यही परर ्ना है कि Harsad Mehta जी का नाम सदैव चमकता रहे और
आपका परिवार पुनः समाज मे यश कीर्त और वैभव परप कर समाज और देश की तरकक मे सहयोग
पदान करे I

Alok Sharma

I till the last breathe, totally agree with harshad sir and you mam...proud of you sir

Shrikant Borse

I am 16 right now, and inspired by Harshad Meheta sir and you.
Hope you may spend your rest of life in ease.
God bless you and your family.

Kaushik Palicha

Thank you for the website. While a lot has been put into perspective, Mr. Mehta was ahead
of his time and his ability to read the market, companies and understand value was
phenomenal. He really took the market to the small time investor & was the first person
ever to introduce the B to C concept, anywhere in India. While what happened is sad, it is
our loss that we were not fortunate enough to have him with us.
We wish the family the very best, lots of luck and Gods speed for the years ahead. We owe
your family a lot and please do reach us for any assistance needed, with best wishes and

H. Nasir Ahmed

Thank u madam for explaining all the facts truth will always win
god bless you

Annappa Singh

Hello mam
My self Annappa form ballari , Karnataka state
The name Harshad Mehta I heard form web series and I watched the full web series.he is
role model of my life because I am also trader.the story posted by Miss mehat I read
completely. I feel very sad abt harsh Mehta life journey. I pary to ur family to get justice to
your family.

Jay Solanki

Hii mam myself jay solanki and i am also a gujrati . Mam i go through a website of and mam i am a huge fan of harshad sir infact he is my role model but i
dont have that much knowledge than harshad sir..
But mam i want to tell you about my company in which i am
working. it has some plans
and my company also investing in stock market and also a crypto currency .so mam it
would be grateful if you just give me some minutes to listen our plans and if you think its
making progress or its a good company then you can also invest mam.
Sorry mam for such a big message mam

M K Verma

It is clear that journalist was playing in the hands of market sharks. They were threatened
by the rise of the Harshad. In my view he didn't do anything illegal. Sad.

Rishabh Hingar

Harshad Mehta Family is a bold and heroic family. Harshad was a genius. If all these false
allegations were not made against him, the Mehtas would have surpassed Warren Buffet
today. My sympathy with the Mehtas for the tough times and harassment they had to go
through dealing with law. May you rise from this situation and claim greater heights! :)


In my opinion he was victim of many things.

Monil Gupta

Harshad was a hero, he never do anything wrong, I lived in small town and know many
people who made good fortune during harshad era

P Neglur

Though not yet gone through completely ma'm, the information presents ur side of the
story...... I hav read Ms dalal's book... Hence ur views r equally important. I was in one of
the financial institutions when these issues initially broke out. (So we hav seen how the
issues unfolded)... I think Ashwin Mehta was also there in initially.......we also read with
shock the sudden demise of Shri Phervani a big bull then.....
Thanks ma'am n God bless you all n ur family members with peace and good health n
further progress

Bhavik Shrimal

Hello everyone from the Mehta family. I am deeply touched by the web series. It's good
that finally you've broken your silence and come out in the open. I wish that you and your
family is freed from all this at the earliest. My best wishes and good luck to all of you. You
are very brave and may God give you more strength everyday. You've already come a long
way and I pray to god that you are relieved from all this at the earliest. Many facts have
already come out in the open which earlier were not in the public domain. Regarding his
passing away, it is an act of murder. Don't worry god will take care of all those involved.
Best healer of pain is time. I am sure you've kept a lot of patience till now. Just believe that
you've almost reached your destination. Don't stop and be motivated with every passing
day. I would like to take this opportunity to pay my condolences on the passing away of
Shri. Harshad Bhai.
Take care.

Ptesh Shah

Update :
Hi ,
I think you have expressed your thoughts well enough in the site itself . However , i would
be greatful if you can publish a book .
Just a suggestion.
Pritesh Shah

Pritesh Shah

Hi Mam,
First of all thank you for sharing all the details and wishing you and your family the
strength to live peaceful life from here after .
I really wish you and your family a good life ahead.
I would like to request you to think about publishing the book with all the documents and
sharing your insights and thoughts about the case and the life with Harshad Mehta.
Why am I saying this because , I have read Sucheta dalal book and have insight from her
point of view, where as , it would be interesting to know other point of view as well .
Also about the man , the legend , Harshad Mehta , what we have known is from , what we
have read in sucheta dalal book or the series based on her book and other media articles.
I would like to know about the man himself from someone so close to him as you were and
are . Please consider this request if you can , it would be interesting to know about the
legend from you.
Remember , When storm passes , and if you survive it , you will come out as better person
then what you were before you went in .
Quoting murakami for you and your family.
And once the storm is over, you won't remember how you made it
through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure, whether
the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of
the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in.” ~ Haruki
Murakami, Kafka on the Shore.
Stay blessed always !!!
Pritesh Shah


Respected mem,
Jai jinendra
I hv very high regards for harshadbhai n i challange to entire world that if he would have
been in the business as he was doing, then He would have been richest man on earth since
late 90's and.... Most important, INDIA WOULD HAVE BEEN FAR AHEAD OF CHINA
As vision and activity of business of harshadbhai is what current govt has kept ot as dream
an NOBODY can achive it except harshadbhai.

Parag Joshi

It is unfortunate twist of events much beyond ones imagination. There might have been
operational gaps which could have be rectified but not to the scale that it has been blown
apart to disrupt the lives of an entire family.
Your website is helpful to bring the facts on table. Truth is out in the open. I am sure the
ill-perception that was built by vested interests is now put to rest and has been fully
The website has been created nicely - simplicity is the key. Great work.
Parag Joshi Pune

Tapas Das

I had a gut feel that something of this sort might have happened since he took name of
PVN.Rao. Keep the fight on and win.


Thankyou Ma'am for sharing pains and hardships you and your family went through all
these years. We can never even imagine your journey. I personally thought the the web
series was made by taking your permission and advice. I am so disappointed with the
developers of the web series and movie. True side of Harshad sir is still unknown to the
world at large. I just pray that he is at peace at God's home, far away from the malicious
world, watching, guiding and protecting you and yours.

Sachin Inamdar

Ma'am, Harshad Mehta has been an idol for all of us who started the journey in stock

Jigar Mehta

i am 36 years old and i joined stock market when i was 16 ,my inspiration was always
mr.harshad mehta and will always be, he will always be the real big bull of indian stock
markets ,he inspires me even today , i had a successful career in stock market because i
was always inspired by harshad sir ,he is still inspiration for millions ,my was app dp still
sometimes has his pic , my dad is in stock markets since 1980 and i heard about harshad sir
when i was in 4 or 5 th standard ,from that time i decided i will; join stock markets and yes
i did join and had a great career ,he is always in my hearts and will always be ,i believe he
was visionary ,i dont care what world thinks about him ,i will always be his fan till last
breath of my life ,i wish good for harshad bhais family and friends , if possible i would like
to meet the family of harshad and touch everbodys feet ,harshad bhai taught everybody
what a bull market is ,love for harshad bhai and his family ,my contact number is
8422998998 ,i am from mumbai ( borivali }

Yask Thakkar

Hello ma'am I am great fan of harshad sir...just here small gesture for there anything I
can do for growmore..or i can do for u anything jst let me know
Stock broker.
Cashpro investments.

D C Patan


Kunjan Shah

Respected Ma'am,
Thanks for sharing the reality.
The pian taken by you and your family against the corrupted system due to a false rumor
which spoil the entire families lives.
Kunjan Shah

Niraj Sheth

Hello Mrs Mehta
I began to read your website with some interest but realised it's far too involved and a bit
difficult to comprehend online. Since i practice income-tax litigation, this will be of
academic interest to me.
Is the content available in the form of a book?
Wishing you a speedy redress to your grievances.
Niraj Sheth

Nilesh Karani

Very Sad our systems are having loy of Dents and Corrupt, Lagging in judgment and blind

Hiresh Gor

Still I am proud for Harshad Mehtaji
Tc n good luck
Hiresh Gor


Late Sh. Harsad Mehta was the Warren buffet of India. He shall inspire all Indians to think
May God give his soul rest in peace.
We salute your fight and struggle.


Well i am a equity market investor, and i have studied markets to a decent extent.
I believe harshad sir did wrong things, but it is not his fault, it was the system which failed,
puwerfull people did the scam, harshad sir executed it partially. But i strongly believe that
he was made a slaughter goat by the system. System was inefficient, facts were tampered.
I am happy to hear that his brother is a successfull lawyer. I hope your health is good.
Can we see a second version of webseries according to your view, the youth needs to know
the reality, visualisation is important, as many won't understand the literature explained in
this website.
Thank you for making this website, this will be a case study for most of us.

Anish Shah

I believe every word written by you ma'am is true. I was in school in 1992 but remember
the story carried by the media. Even that time some of my friends & me had given the
benefit of doubt to Shri Harshad Mehta. In fact even today I believe Shri Harshad Bhai to
My 16 year old daughter & me had watched the web series together and I had told her that
it is a false portrayal of the real person that Shri Harshad Bhai was.
I cannot even imagine what you and other family members have gone through in the past
10+ years. I can only wish that the truth comes out and Harshad Bhai and his family
including yourself ma'am are given proper justice.
I'm a very small person, but ma'am, if I can do anything for you pr the respected Mehta
family, I'll be very hppy to, if it is within my means to help in whatever way I can.
Salute to you ma'am for having managed all the hardships of these 20 years and fighting
with every ounce of your strength that too with everyone in the system against you and
your family. Please except my genuine heartfelt wishes to you ma'am.
May the entire strength of the universe be with you ma'am. With love and best wishes to
the Mehta family. I'm very sure that one day sooner than later, you will win ma'am.

Jeethander Lodha

We are with you.... Harshad mehta is innocent and a great inspiration for us... We salute
you. We understand how painful it was to you all these years. God bless you and your
Jeethander lodha

Pratik Mukasdar

Hi maam
Read ur website if u r true jyoti mehta then i wud like to say ur husband wether right or
wrong that’s debatable but told the country that stock market exists and democratised
He am really inspired by him as a personality
I pray to THAKURJI that u all get peace and get free from unnecessary litigation


Harshad Mehta was a big bull & he revived Indian stock market...he is a true asset & never
be forgotten
Should celebrate his birthday as national stock market day ..
May his soul rest in peace

Vikas M

I firmly believed that Harshad Mehta was one who could find the true valuations of
companies . It is beyond any doubt that he was wrongly implicated and painted as......
Whatever has happened was unfortunate.